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My name is Michael B. Jack, and for those of you who were not at the last Central Committee Meeting and may not have the most recent scorecard, I am the newly elected First Vice Chair for the Washoe County Republican Party Central Committee Executive Committee. That’s a mouthful.

It is my intention to write messages like this to you on a regular basis, time permitting, to pass on information and to address issues I feel are important to the local Party and you, as the elected Central Committee members. You, as a body represent the 93,000 plus registered Republicans in Washoe County, and we as the Executive Committee work for you.

Our job, as members of the Executive Committee, is to handle the day-to-day operation of the local Party in its efforts to meet the goals and objectives outlined in our bylaws, party platform, and the general majority will of the party membership in Washoe County. We attempt to do so using the parameters set forth in our bylaws, the Nevada Revised Statutes, parliamentary law, common sense, our loyalty to God and country, and our personal integrity as guidance. Our backgrounds, life experiences, belief systems, and, as a result, our paradigms are diverse – which is a good thing. Coming together and appreciating this type of diversity is the essence of a deliberative body. The result will hopefully be the orderly free exchange of ideas by equal members followed by a decision (vote), and thus clear direction on the matter at hand. If used properly this process can and will lead to synergistic solutions which will in turn lead to success. However, if this process is used for self – service rather than unselfish service the opportunity for synergy will be lost. The effect will be failure, and we will have to start all over again.

The United States Military is the greatest, bravest, and most effective such organization in the world. It is so for many reasons, but chief among them is the fact it is an all-volunteer force. We too are an all-volunteer force.

You, as elected members of the Central Committee representing the registered members of the Washoe County Republican Party at large, and we, your elected Executive Committee are all volunteers. We, you and us, are here because we love our families, our neighborhoods, our communities, our county, our State, the United States of America, and our way of life. We are a Republican Army.

Unfortunately, the “loyal opposition” has, of late, lost its loyalty to the founding principles of our great nation. It is not hard to see this disloyalty in the tone and tenure of their rhetoric, at all levels, from national right down to our neighborhood associations and our school systems. The other side has been working hard and long at changing our system of government from that which made us the greatest nation in the world to one similar to systems that have failed or are in the process of failing. Why? Because their party has been hijacked by a group of elites who believe they are smarter than all the rest of us, and want to get involved in defining every aspect of our lives. Control, Control, Control, is their mantra, especially to control of our hard earned wealth. Through executive fiat, the exploitation of regulatory law, lies, propaganda, indoctrination of our children, over spending of our public funds, and divisiveness they have ruined our economy and lowered our standard of living. By stealing the human dignity and opportunities for growth from the less fortunate, and subjugating them through the misuse of welfare programs, and entitlement programs, along with importing millions through illegal immigration schemes, our opposition has created an army of followers. I believe if those followers knew the truth that army’s numbers would dwindle as the ir followers left their ranks and moved toward the side that offers a pathway to true opportunity for growth and success.

We, the Republican Army, are the only obstacle in the path of our opposition toward their goal to take away our liberties and rights guaranteed by our founding documents and God. We need to wake up and stand up. How? By opening our minds, hearts, day-timers, and pocketbooks as follows:

Open your mind.

Objectively ponder the issues of the day that concern you. Let us know what they are. Tell us your ideas for solutions. Write them down. Send them to me on my email, firstvc@washoegop.org. Drop them by the office. Give your party the benefit of your experience, knowledge, and ideas.

Open your hearts.

We need to grow the membership and diversity in our tent. We all know that human dignity and opportunity are the pathway to growth and success at all levels of our society. We need to be one in purpose in those two areas. We all have a God given right to make choices in life, that’s how we grow, by making choices and learning from the consequences. Do not judge those who have made different choices from you. Encourage and welcome them into our tent, our army. Focus on dignity and opportunity, and let the other stuff go. They will do the same.

Open your Day-Timers.

As members of the Central Committee and elected representatives of the Washoe County Party members in your neighborhoods, I am asking you to step up and participate. The problem is we have over 600 Central Committee members, and room for twice that amount, and less than one-third showed up at the last meeting. Really? You volunteer to represent your neighbors, to participate on their behalf, and you can’t spare two to three hours a month during an important election year such as this to come to an important meeting? We live in a swing county in a swing State that just may have a significant impact on the entire Presidential election, not to mention down ticket elections and you are a no-call, no-show. Just because your candidate didn’t make the cut, get over it and help us get the rest of the Republicans elected so we can have a chance at keeping the State and County governments from taxing and regulating us to death. If you are not going to do what you were elected to do, resign so we can find someone else who will. Otherwise become an active member of this army and get to work before it’s too late. A couple of hours a week is not asking too much. If you can do more, great. We have committee positions available, leadership positions, everything you can think of right down to emptying the trash. We need your ideas, your energy, your smiling face and support. It’s also a great way to make new friends and meet some great like-minded people. WE NEED YOUR HELP. Call right now and enlist.

Open your wallets.

As the song goes “We have a long way to go, and a short time to get there.” Our local Party’s financial situation is not the best. Like the U.S. Military, which depends upon tax dollars to be great, our army depends upon donation dollars to be great as well. We have a great core group of talented volunteers sitting around the table and some wonderful ideas on the table, but none of that is worth anything without the resources to utilize them. Unlike our opposition, we don’t have huge amounts of money funneling into our bank account from unions in California and other such locations or organizations to fund us. We need support from everyone, we depend on you. Any amount is helpful; I don’t care if it’s a roll of quarters. I challenge you to write a check to the WCRP for $10.00 each month when you sit down to pay your bills. Look at it as an investment in your future and the future of your children and grandchildren. Stop by the office and throw a few bucks in the donation jar, buy a hat or some buttons or bumper stickers. Come to the fund raisers. We have some very important local races this year and we need to gear up to fight the tax and spend party in the Legislature next year. Every little bit helps so PLEASE HELP.

Well, that’s all I have to say about that. Thanks for reading through all this. I will try to make the following messages a little shorter, but as you can see I’m a bit passionate about saving the country I sent most of my adult life protecting and defending. I kind of enjoy my rights and liberty, opportunity and dignity, peace and happiness. Please feel free to email me anytime at


Thank you and God bless you, your family, Washoe County, the Great State of Nevada, and the United States of America.

Your Humble Servant

Michael B. Jack




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By Keith Coombs | October 15, 2016 at 3:29 PM

I’m new to Reno and looking for guidance about the non-partisan candidates on the ballot. Any suggestions?

By Brian | March 24, 2017 at 9:26 PM

What the hell is the Washoe County Republican party doing to counter the city council unanimous vote to make Reno a “Welcoming City”? The democrats are waging war on Reno with cultural revolution. But I don’t hear anything worthy of a counter punch from the Republicans. It is not enough to quote President Trump on your website and literature. Republicans need to emulate him with a fighting spirit. Get out there and start calling this crap what it is: the Soros revolution. Sit back and do nothing and you will receive zero donations and no support at the polls. Get with the times, this is war.

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