Washoe County Republican Assembly (WCRA)


The principles of the WCRA shall be delineated in the WCRA Platform.

The objectives of the WCRA are:

(a) To advance true conservatism and elect true conservatives at all levels of the Republican Party and all levels of government throughout Washoe County, Nevada;

(b) To provide through this organization a practical program for the betterment of the Republican Party within Washoe County;

(c) To advance the Principles, Beliefs and Objectives of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA) and the Nevada Republican Assembly (NvRA), and

(d) To be a responsible voice for the fiscal and social betterment of Washoe County, the State of Nevada and the nation at large.

(e) To educate the voters and elected officials regarding the stated Principles of the WCRA.

(f) To be an influential political force for positive and constructive action.

(g) To assist in improving the public relations of the Republican Party, supporting only Conservative political campaigns, encouraging public forums and social programs, attracting a greater number of voters to work for advancing the interest of the Republican Party and our country.

(h) To seek out and encourage qualified Conservative candidates to run for public office. (Definition of qualified: Pledge support by signing a statement of WCRA principles.)

(i) To guide and assist Conservative candidates in their campaigns for local, state, and national offices.

(j) To review the performance of our elected leaders and ensure the adherence to conservative Republican principles.

(k) To sponsor public forums which provide for the expression of conservative political points of view.

(l) To increase Conservative Republican voter registration.

(m) To influence the leadership, policies, and principles of the NFRA and NvRA.