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Washoe GOP Executive Committee

WashoeGOP Executive Committee

Each WashoeGOP Elected Exectuive Member is elected every two years (Next Election: April 2017) to serve in pivotal rolls on the WashoeGOP Executive Board. Second and Third Vice-Chairmen are appointed by the Chairman.
Roger Edwards

Roger Edwards

Chairman Chairman@WashoeGOP.org

Roger Edwards is the Chairman of Washoe GOP Central Committee.

Michael B. Jack

Michael B. Jack

1st Vice Chair firstvc@WashoeGOP.org

Michael B. Jack is the 1st Vice Chair Washoe GOP Central Committee.

Debbie Sauk

Debbie Sauk

Secretary Secretary@WashoeGOP.org

Debbie Sauk is the Secretary of Washoe GOP Central Committee.

Sherry Powell

Sherry Powell

Treasurer Treasurer@WashoeGOP.org

Sherry Powell is the Treasurer of Washoe GOP Central Committee.

Michael Kadenacy

Michael Kadenacy

Second Vice Chairman michael@villacattenazzi.com

The Second Vice Chairman is appointed by the Chairman.



Third Vice Chairman

Third Vice Chairman is appointed by the Chairman.

At Large Members and Past Chairmen

The "At Large Members" of Washoe GOP Executive Committee are elected every 2 years (Next Election:April 2018). In addition, the previous Chairman sits as a voting member on the Executive Board

(Vacant) - Past Chairman

Cole Azare

Cole Azare - At Large Member

Larry Green

Larry Green - At Large Member

Joe Bozsik

Joe Bozsik - At Large Member


Eric Scheetz

Eric Scheetz - At Large Member

Tom Taber

Tom Taber - At Large Member

WashoeGOP Standing Committees

The WashoeGOP Standing Committee Members play several different roles in WashoeGOP and have voting power on the Executive Board.
Dale Hornback

Dale Hornback - Budget Committee


Carole Fineberg

Carole Fineberg - Bylaws Committee

Brent Harger

Brent Harger - Precinct Organization


Rosemary Loven

Rosemary Loven - Finance Committee


Cole Azare

Cole Azare - Legislative Committee

Eric Scheetz

Eric Scheetz - Outreach Committee

Jim Galloway

Jim Galloway - Candidate Recruitment

Stephen Coppola

Stephen Coppola - Public Relations


John Carey

John Carey - Voter Registration


Special Committees

The Special Committees on WashoeGOP work in the background of WashoeGOP. They do not have voting power on the Executive Board.
Michael Kadenacy

Michael Kadenacy

Legal Advisory Committee Chairman michael@villacattenazzi.com

Michael Kadenacy is the Legal Advisory Chairman at WashoeGOP.

Ray Lake

Ray Lake

IT Committee Chairman netadmin@washoegop.org

Ray Lake is the Information Technology Chairman at WashoeGOP

Patrick Shea

Patrick Shea

Web Administrator

Patrick Shea is the Web Administrator at WashoeGOP

Joanna Schumacher

Joanna Schumacher


Joanna is the Parliamentarian for the WCRCC.