by Carole Fineberg

A United States Census is conducted at the beginning of every decade and is being done this year (2020). Based on the information from that census, a “redistricting” is performed the following year (2021) by the State Legislature.

Citizens tend to cluster where they live with like-minded folks. We currently have a Democrat super-majority in the Assembly and we are only one vote shy of a Democrat super-majority in the Senate. If we end up with Democrat super-majorities after the 2020 election, the Democrats will use their power to break up Republican precincts. This will guarantee Democrat rule for the next decade (see California). We cannot let that happen!

This is why it is critically important to elect more Republicans to the Legislature in 2020 – more so than in other years – so the redistricting that occurs in 2021 will not determine the balance of power for the next decade!  The stakes have never been higher.

Please help the Washoe County Republican Party in that urgent mission. We need to elect more Republicans to the Assembly and the Senate who will take some of the seats held by Democrats. A Republican majority or at least a Republican-Democrat balance will help us with a fair redistricting.

All races are important, but we are focusing on three Assembly seats held by Democrats that we think we can take back:

  • Assembly District 27(northwest Reno),
  • Assembly District 30 (east Sparks), and
  • Assembly District 31 (west Sparks, Spanish Springs)

How you can help

  • Host a House Party where the County Party does a presentation for you and some of your neighbors, explaining re-districting and many other issues.
  • Walk your precinct and talk to your neighbors about voting Republican.
  • Put up yard signs for Republican candidates.
  • Attend candidates’ forums so you learn who the candidates are.
  • Find a local candidate you like and work for/donate to that candidate.
  • Volunteer to help the County Party with Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts.

Call to Action

  • Call the Washoe County Republican Party at 775-827-1900 to volunteer
  • Go to and fill out a volunteer form

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