Be Afraid!

Lurking under the skin of many Progressive Politicians is an authoritarian who believes that since he or she knows best what is good for everybody, everybody must be brought to obedience by whatever methods deemed necessary.

It is disturbing in America to hear and see the rhetoric which not only urges people to obey “orders” from political leadership but castigates those who may disagree with the underlying facts or solutions as somehow wanting people to die.  We see political leadership encouraging snitching on one’s neighbors.

Even some Conservative voices, while disputing a particular solution or fact, seem to accept that the Politician’s exercise of power is justified.  The modifications to the policy proposed are usually only around the edges.

But where is the outrage that Governors are acting without regard to the U. S Constitution and the God-given rights enshrined in that document?  And this is not hyperbole. One Governor explicitly stated that he did not feel constrained by our Constitution. Is there a loophole that states that if the emergency is great enough, and, that would be determined by the Governor himself, the Constitution no longer applies?    We have seen that you can get an abortion but cannot go to church.  We have seen that you can stand in line for Walmart but not to vote.  You can shop for your favorite beer, but Gun Shops are closed by edict.  You are put under the equivalent of House Arrest and confined to your home while violent offenders are released from prison.  One Mayor stated that if anyone was caught arranging a meeting with their family over social media, jail time was appropriate.   There are Drones over some cities watching citizens.  Governors and Mayors have created the equivalent of penal statues complete with penalties without any law being passed by a legislature.  And most state legislatures are silent and voice not a whimper of dissent.  This is the antithesis of a nation of laws, not men.

“But this is an emergency that calls for such responses,” they say.  Really, and if the next “next” emergency is only slightly less clear, say, climate change, and who gets to decide whether this triggers that same loophole. Or that there is “overpopulation”, or some other problem which can only be solved by massive government intervention in your lives.

And to those on the other side of the political spectrum and feel comforted that most of the draconian measures being used seem to be driving policies with which you agree, once the arbitrary power has been ceded to the government, it will be difficult, at best, to bring it back to the people.  And then when the policies and tactics of that government are turned on you, you will find that you destroyed your only protection, your Constitutional form of government.

Think that an authoritarian regime cannot happen in the United States?  Look around, it is happening.  And now.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Our Constitutional Rights are Disappearing Right Before Our Eyes

The current crisis regarding the Covid-19 has kept focus on the disease and how to mitigate its effect on the population.  We watch with a mix of fascination and horror at the multiple briefings for our elected officials, their support bureaucracies as well as from numerous news sources.   

But have you noticed the erosion of Constitution Government occurring right before our eyes?

They use ever-changing data to justify confining us but the data provides us with the opposite of clarity.  We are told repeatedly how deadly the progress of the contagion is, only to find that the actual numbers are always much less than projected.  We are also told that it would have been worse had the elected official speaking not taken drastic action.  We are told to Shelter in Place, and Stay Home for Nevada, but why? The numbers don’t support such drastic measures. Color me skeptical but our Constitutional rights are disappearing. When does any crisis negate the Constitution?

We need Nevadans to get back to work, safely and with precautions of course.  If we cripple our economy, the consequences will cause health and safety issues that could far surpass the effect of this virus.  

Ironically, our healthcare system may be the first industry to suffer those consequences and succumb to the closed economy. Our hospitals are not filled to capacity as we have been led to believe. In fact, we are already seeing reduced usage of hospitals which may force some to close. Emergency Rooms are nearly empty as people are reluctant to go there and with elective surgeries banned, we are looking at a severe degradation of our health care infrastructure.  There are health consequences to delaying elective surgeries and not seeking treatment.  This will inevitably lead to an increase in non-Covid-19 mortality.  

Nevadans will suffer too. With severe unemployment, we can expect increases in suicides, crime, drug use, domestic and child abuse, and numerous other consequences from the resultant poverty.  These consequences will be just as deadly to our citizens as Covid-19.

We must take these health consequences into account, not just those of Covid-19.  We should be looking at the data and the assumptions predicated on that data.  We must be skeptical of the “facts” presented to us.

Health threats and a failing economy lead us to a more serious threat as a free nation; the erosion of our inalienable rights.  

We have seen the moving target that is “essential services” defined differently in states.  We have seen restrictions on church services but not on abortion clinics. We can stand in line for Target and Walmart, but not to vote. We can kayak on the lake but not use a power boat. We are prohibited from leaving our home in the city and going to our vacation home. We are arrested for playing ball with our daughter in an empty park.  We are arrested for paddle boarding in an empty ocean or ticketed for watching the sunset in the confines of our own car.  

In an interview with the New Jersey Governor, he stated that he did not consider the U.S. Constitution when he issued his orders for mitigation.  He obviously did not believe that his power was constrained by that Constitution.  Does our Nevada Governor share that belief?  Where are the protests from our legislators at the exercise of power not sanctioned by the Constitution?

We should not accept the premise that the nature of the threat of Covid-19 justifies the suspension the Constitution and the inalienable God-given rights enshrined in it. We should challenge all our elected officials. They took an oath to protect and preserve the Constitution and they must be held to that oath.

We can do that by getting active in the upcoming election.  Volunteer your time, donate if possible, to candidates and causes. Do what you can to safeguard our Constitution.

Get active and keep constitutional government in our country and state. Our freedom depends on it. 

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