Dem Party Upheaval offers Clarity of Choice for Nevadan

By Jamie Hadden

National media recently reported on an unexpected upheaval within the Nevada Democratic Party: as of a few weeks ago, the Democratic Party of the State of Nevada is now staffed and controlled entirely by supporters of the Democratic Socialists of America. Would-be socialists now operate the largest political party in our state.

This is not, in any way, a joke. Our fellow citizens in the DSA are real, enthusiastic, unapologetic socialists, and despite a comical veneer, they are quite capable of organizing and implementing their agenda. We recommend you take a minute and study their platform. What is Democratic Socialism? – Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) (

Initial judgement on this new Nevada Democratic Party was rendered by Democrats themselves – the entirety of the existing party staff resigned en-mass. Not much of an endorsement. Subsequent judgement will be rendered in 2022 by the voters of Nevada: Democrats, Republicans, and most importantly: Independents.

While it is never fun to have wolves at the gate, it is far better to know they are wolves, than to think that maybe they are just foxes. Our political opponents have now revealed themselves in full. Game on.

The Nevada GOP stands in firm opposition to socialism in our state and our nation, and in support of Freedom. Freedom is the opposite of socialism. Freedom, to us, defines what it is to be American. Freedom is our nation’s principle differentiator and discriminator on the world stage, and what has facilitated the ascendancy of America from a distant backwoods colony to our enviable global position and high standard of living.

The choice between redistributive socialism and American Freedom is becoming increasingly clear, and increasingly salient. Join us in defending Freedom in Nevada.

It’s Time to Cancel “Cancel Culture”

By Anamarie Fruge

Over the past couple of years the idea that an individual can be cancelled because of their beliefs, has taken the world by storm. We are now living in a time where the first amendment is no longer valued and respected by many American citizens. In today’s social climate, it has never been more challenging for Americans to speak freely without the fear of being cancelled. The media continues to be the leader of this new trend and many are becoming blind to the damage being done to our great country.

Many that support this movement claim that they do not like the term “cancel culture” and prefer to see it as holding people accountable. If this were true, then the target would not be conservative the majority of the time. The list would also not include an animated cop dog on a kids show, syrup, a potato toy and many more. The concept of cancel culture is to get rid of things that don’t fit the far left’s narrative. If anyone defends their beliefs or views they are then deemed a “racist” or a “white supremacist”. Conservatives and many others are then forced to defend themselves but the damage has already been done.

Victim’s of “cancel culture” have lost their jobs, friends and family. Gina Carano who plays Cara Dune in Disney’s “The Mandalorian” is a recent victim of this horrible movement. She shared her opinion on the issue of conservatives and republicans being treated poorly compared to others. One tweet resulted in her firing from the popular Disney show. No matter if you agree with her opinion or not, no person should lose everything they had worked for by exercising their first amendment right. Luckily, Ben Shapiro is giving her the opportunity to have her own movie project. She refused to be cancelled and she found a new outlet for her talent on The Daily Wire.

Gina Carano is a great example for those who have been cancelled and for those who will be in the future. She showed that no one has a say in who you are and what you believe in other than yourself. “Cancel culture” may continue to be around for another several years, but they will not be successful if we stand strong and refuse to be cancelled.

Thomas Jefferson Was A Millennial

By Jamie Hadden

Dear Young Voters of Nevada,

Most of you vote Democrat. About 65% in 2020. Fair enough. You’ve found the Democrat offering to be more compelling than that of the Republicans, or any other party. Frankly, in the realm of marketing and information control, we can’t compete with the Democrat machine. But our product is better.

The product we offer is Freedom. We think it’s a great alternative to the centrally-managed, socially-divisive, perpetual-crisis system pushed by the left, and it’s why we vote Republican. We hope you’ll consider voting for Freedom as well.

We desire an America in which we are all bound together by our common love of Freedom. Being Free is our national identity, and it’s what we wish to defend.

We’d like to live in a society in which the coercive force of government is the last line of defense against mutual peril, rather than the go-to solution for every conceivable concern.

We’d like to live in a society where everybody is free to positively identify with their heritage, ethnicity, lifestyle or religion – or be happy identifying as simply human – and not be forced into viewing themselves and their fellow citizens as members of some ready-made hierarchy of grievance and oppression.

Thomas Jefferson was 33 years old when he and four others drafted the Declaration of Independence in 1776, establishing the United States as a refuge from the demands of an overbearing, controlling, and distant government. Were he writing today, he would have been born in 1988 – squarely in the Millennial generation. Freedom once was, and can still be, a youthful pursuit.

Freedom is here for you, if you want it. It’s your birthright, but also your treasure to defend. We hope you’ll join us in voting for Freedom. We can’t wait to see what you do with it.


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