To all our supporters

As you know the final election results will not be released until November 5th per our Secretary of State, Barbara Cvegaski.

This election cycle has been admittedly unconventional and challenging in many ways.  We’ve put forth a great effort in order to stop the Democrats in their tracks and to take seats in our State Assembly and Senate.

While we await those results, I thought I would give you some very encouraging news. If votes hold as they are now, we will have won four of the five critical races. The one race that we did lose was lost by less than 200 votes. This means we no longer are a super minority in the Assembly.

We will continue to monitor events of this election and will bring you updated information as we receive it.

In the meantime, I would like to thank each of you for your diligence in staying informed and going to the polls. Without your votes we would not have any chance to take back our state.

Michael Kadenacy


Washoe County Republican Party