Over two years ago we campaigned and then took office, our leadership team articulated the overall goal of ensuring that the voice of the grass roots influenced the direction of government. To do that we set out to make the county party relevant and an institution that was respected.

There were several tasks to be accomplished to bring that influence into a reality:

One, we had to bring order to the administration of the party structure. The Team did just that. In the place of chaos at meetings, “special meetings” and investigations of party members with a view to kicking them out of office or the party, there were orderly meetings, timely minutes, introduction of procedural rules that were published and records kept at the office and in the cloud. The office went from looking like your teen age son’s room to a clean, refurbished office of which the party can be proud. New computers, a file server, and rewiring of the complete office were accomplished.

Two, we needed to be financially independent. At the end of the cycle we still had $50k in the bank having funded a paid walker program, a phone bank, a slate mailer to 70k Republican homes in Washoe County, and 28 GOTV radio spots.

Three, we needed to be a factor in Republican candidates winning elections. Our numbers and results were developed by our Data Team and published under their names.   Rumors abound that Senator Heller lost because of Washoe County. This defies logic. He lost in Clark by 92,000 votes and almost 49K votes statewide. There is no universe where Washoe could have made up for that loss. To make up for that loss would have required emptying our cemeteries. This is not Chicago and we are not Democrats.

We believe we have already succeeded in increasing Washoe County Republican Party’s relevance. Just look at some of the folks now trying to revert the party to ineffectiveness. Though the party had been ineffective for many cycles, where was there any attempt to change the party then?

Only now when that independent influence is increasing, do we now see these folks, who for the most part were part of the established political landscape but not members of the County Party.

The county party must be more than a supplier of volunteers to other campaigns or ceremonial window dressing.

Today, candidates are either self-selected, selected by consultants, large money interests, or by political leadership. The grassroots have been excluded from this process and not had a seat at that table at all.

The County Party at one time had this kind clout and it was under Bill Raggio.  The road back will not be easy nor without detractors, but it is one that this leadership team, believes is mandatory if we are to end the three-cycle losing streak in Nevada. And Washoe is not alone. Clark County and a few other county parties are looking at what we have done in only two years and seeing if parts of our program might be a value to them.

This leadership team is committed to a Financially strong, Independent and Flexible County Party. You have seen what we can do. You have seen our detailed plans for going forward.

Please join with us so that we can have the influence and clout that the grassroots must have if we are to win elections.