Authored by Guest Writer Dave Judy

August 18, 2020 – It seems fellow Nevada Republicans that Governor Sisolak’s mandates have struck a negative chord once again. I am referring to the recent censure of the Mrs. Nevada Pageant held at the Ahern Hotel in Las Vegas on Sunday, August 9th. The pageant was stopped by Las Vegas Police and Las Vegas city licensing officials who ordered  ALL  attendees , save cast and crew, to vacate the premises.

The official claimed the pageant was  in violation of the Governor’s most recent COVID-19 “safety” protocols which precludes gatherings of more than fifty people.Pageant tabulator Kari Deike, stated, “Police told me that if the attendees who exceeded the 50-person maximum did not leave promptly, they would be arrested and taken away in hand cuffs.” (Apparently the pageant scene can be pretty rough). After the audience left quickly and cooperatively, the Mrs. Nevada contestants then performed for an empty house; a major disappointment after months of personal preparation by the contestants.

The Ahern Hotel had been operating under current Nevada COVID-19 directives which state casino/convention facilities can house a group not to exceed 50% of Fire Code capacity. The Mrs. Nevada venue can seat 1600 people, so with the directives, a maximum of 800 attendees would have been in compliance; far more than the actual 250 people in the pageant audience.

So, if the Ahern Hotel was operating in compliance with all directives, why did the police show up and close down the pageant? And even more perplexing is why had a prior gathering at the same hotel where Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman was the keynote speaker go unnoticed? That crowd FAR exceeded the stated 50 persons the Governor claims keeps us “safe.” No sanctions were levied against the Hotel for that event involving the Mayor.

Even more galling, the week prior to the Pageant, the hotel hosted an “ Evangelicals for Trump”  rally. Due to exceeding Sisolak’s “magic 50,” the hotel was fined $250. At the time, Hotel management believed the fine was simply a misunderstanding since they had successfully held other large gatherings safely following guidelines for public events over  the last few months.

But when Sisolak posted a rant on Twitter saying, “I was deeply disheartened and dismayed to see the callous and dangerous behavior displayed last night in Las Vegas at a campaign event for President Trump,” a more vengeful reason for the penalty and fine was revealed.

Now, Hotel and Mrs. Nevada Pageant officials believe that the action taken against the pageant was also the result of partisan politics and a personal vendetta by Governor Sisolak against organized religion, and the presentation of opposing Republican political views by a pro-Trump organization.

Perhaps at this point, the casual reader would shrug and feel that a Pageant was ruined, and a big hotel was fined a mere $250…… so what? But here’s why it matters.

On Thursday, August 6th, the Supreme Court of the United States, acting on a complaint by a Nevada religious organization ruled that ANY church or house of worship, regardless of size and number of parishioners, can NOT have more than 50 faithfuls gathered.

According to state directives, it is permissible for casinos to host 50% of their capacity which might be in the hundreds or even thousands of people while a church is limited to no more than 50 people at a time – regardless of the size and capacity of the church.

“Evangelicals for Trump”  noting that casinos CAN  host up to 50% of Fire Code capacity,  logically turned to the Ahern Hotel to allow their spiritual and political voices to be heard. But when officials caught wind of this, they fined the hotel $250. Obviously,  like most liberals, Governor Sisolak can NOT tolerate any disagreement with his personal doctrines or his political advancement.

This most recent sequence of events should make us all take pause…and be keenly aware that our Constitutional Rights are being undermined every, single day, under the guise of keeping us “safe” during the Covid-19 Pandemic. (Freedom of Religion and to practice our faith? Right to peacefully assemble?? Do you remember these constitutional rights?? )

We may have already lost our state to the deeply anti-American Left, but there still may be something we can all do.  Please follow local , state, and national events and speak out where you feel there are improprieties. As Ronald Reagan once so wisely stated, “Freedom is only one generation away from extinction.” Let’s not be the last generation to experience freedom. We owe it to our kids and theirs.

Let’s end the Democrat rule by voting them out in November. If we unite, we can win.

About Dave Judy

Dave Judy and his wife moved to Reno 2 two years ago. Dave ran a successful veterinary practice in the San Diego area for 34 years. Dave’s wife Laurie was a San Diego police officer for 30 years. Today, Dave is a part- time music instructor at Truckee Meadows Community College. Laurie is an artist and her work can be seen in area galleries.