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A Guide To Candidate Selection

Have you ever wondered what criteria people use to select candidates that reflect what is important to them? We put together A Guide To Candidate Selection to help you ask the important questions. Click here read more.

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Local Party Leaders Recruit And Select Candidates To Run For Office

Precincts – Installment 3

Caucus Series My Fellow Republicans,   A caucus is much like a precinct meeting in that it is a gathering of people in a given precinct that meet to discuss politics, nominate people to the Central Committee and elect delegates to the County Convention. The caucus is the part of the meeting that pertains to […]

Precincts – Installment 2

What Happens At A Precinct Meeting My Fellow Republicans, What happens at a Precinct Meeting? I would like to take a few minutes and describe for you what happens when you show up at your precinct location. First, you must present a picture ID to the check-in person who will then verify you are a […]

Precincts – Installment 1

From the desk of the Chair My fellow Republicans, I believe it is important to share some information with you about precinct meetings, what is a caucus, why it is important to participate and other information as we head into another election cycle. First, what is a precinct? A precinct is a designated district within […]

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