Address given by Michael A Kadenacy, Washoe County Republican Party Chairman at the Central Committee Meeting on March 20, 2019.  

Members of the Washoe County Party Central Committee, tonight I want to share some thoughts about the best way to ensure President’s Trump’s reelection and about the debate that is happening in the Nevada State Republican Party. It is an important debate and must include the fullest participation by the party as possible.

What is that debate? It is to decide the best strategy to ensure a President Trump reelection as well as to achieve Republican victories in this next cycle. And, what is the appropriate role for the county parties, for the state party and for the national party in the 2020 election cycle in the state of Nevada and by whom those decisions for each of these parties should be made?  

There are two competing views of strategy. The first is that everything in this upcoming cycle must be driven from the top to support President Trump’s reelection and that effort for the top of the ticket will generate turn-out which will, in turn, win for down ballot candidates. The main focus is on campaigning in Nevada for President Trump.  

But there is a competing view, and that is that, while we love and support President Trump and absolutely want his reelection, the State and the County Parties must —– focus their primary efforts, not exclusively, but primarily on correcting the travesty that has occurred as a result of following that first strategy for three election cycles.
Those results are:
First, to lose control of the State Legislature as well as a US Senate race  
Second, to lose the Governor’s Mansion,   and
third, to allow Democrats a super-majority in the Assembly and to be one State Senator short of a super-majority in the State Senate, as well as losing Nevada’s last Republican Senator.  

For Nevada Republicans, this is something that screams for change. Gun Control, Use of School Bathrooms plus other social engineering, more money for union bosses and on the horizon, more taxes to pay for the Progressive wish-list is the current agenda of the Democrat controlled State Government.  

My view and one that I have repeatedly stated is that nobody understands the constituents in a county better than the county party. It is also my considered opinion that the county parties must be encouraged and assisted to address those constituents. For these reasons, in order to rebalance our state legislature, county parties must, as their priority, focus their efforts at supporting and working for republicans running in state legislative races. And they should do this in accordance with programs that they deem effective in their respective counties, not dictated from outside their county by those without long-standing ties to Nevada, much less to the respective counties.  

Does anyone think that the Trump 2020 campaign and the RNC lack resources to run the presidential race in 2020? Will some of the activists in county parties choose to work on those campaigns, of course they will. But will that effort alone elect Nevada State legislators or candidates for local offices, I think not. Even the state party is beginning to see the wisdom of the second approach and at a recent Lincoln Day event changed the focus of their neighbor to neighbor program from the top of ticket to stressing the need to focus on down ballot races including the state legislature. I remain convinced that this second strategy will better ensure a Trump victory in Nevada.  

Unfortunately, there are some that are committed to ensuring that this top down strategy continue. I consider this a way to lose more ground. One such person emailed a statement which I quote “The pecking order is President Trump, the RNC, the State Party and then the County Parties” Pecking order??  


Not a very Republican idea, leadership is never about pecking orders, it is about ideas and persuasion. If reliance is placed on a pecking order, the idea is probably not so hot!  

The leadership team of the Washoe county Republican Party believes that by focusing on the State Legislature and local candidates, turn-out will be better encouraged and this, in-turn, will help the reelection of President Trump as well as begin the process of regaining Republican influence on state policy. Anyone paying attention would agree, right now, that Republican influence is minimal at best.  

If you need further substantiation of the County Party approach, just compare the results of Clark vs Washoe. Washoe had a 74.4 turn-out, Clark, a 62% turn-out. Washoe did not lose a single legislative incumbent, Clark lost most of them. Clark lost two Congressional races. Washoe’s favorite son Mark Amodei won. In Washoe, Republicans won 19 of 23 contested down ballot races. The RNC and the Heller campaign had a presence in both counties, and actually, a much larger one in Clark. They spent in the millions of dollars in both counties with offices and staff and knocked on a Bazillion doors. In Clark there was no meaningful county party program while Washoe implemented and paid for the intern walking program, slate card, a call bank and radio spots. The results speak for themselves.  

For these reasons, as we outlined in the Committee Chair presentation at the January Central Committee meeting, in 2019 Washoe will focus on the legislative and select local races. We will publish whatever notices the National Campaigns request just as we did in the immediate past cycle. Of course, we stand ready to assist the National Campaign when such assistance is requested.  

However, we will not lose our focus. Our priorities will remain local. And we will work with other county parties to help them do what they chose to do.   We will work with the RNC and we will work with the State Party but not FOR them. There is no pecking order, period.  

This is the way to ensure the reelection of President Trump and this is the way the Keep Washoe Red.  

So that there can be no misunderstanding of the current leadership’s views nor that any of my remarks might be misconstrued, the text of my remarks will be emailed to our mailing list as well as be posted on the county party website.  

Thank you