By Jamie Hadden

National media recently reported on an unexpected upheaval within the Nevada Democratic Party: as of a few weeks ago, the Democratic Party of the State of Nevada is now staffed and controlled entirely by supporters of the Democratic Socialists of America. Would-be socialists now operate the largest political party in our state.

This is not, in any way, a joke. Our fellow citizens in the DSA are real, enthusiastic, unapologetic socialists, and despite a comical veneer, they are quite capable of organizing and implementing their agenda. We recommend you take a minute and study their platform. What is Democratic Socialism? – Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) (

Initial judgment on this new Nevada Democratic Party was rendered by Democrats themselves – the entirety of the existing party staff resigned en-mass. Not much of an endorsement. Subsequent judgment will be rendered in 2022 by the voters of Nevada: Democrats, Republicans, and most importantly: Independents.

While it is never fun to have wolves at the gate, it is far better to know they are wolves, than to think that maybe they are just foxes. Our political opponents have now revealed themselves in full. Game on.

The Nevada GOP stands in firm opposition to socialism in our state and our nation, and in support of Freedom. Freedom is the opposite of socialism. Freedom, to us, defines what it is to be American. Freedom is our nation’s principal differentiator and discriminator on the world stage, and what has facilitated the ascendancy of America from a distant backwoods colony to our enviable global position and high standard of living.

The choice between redistributive socialism and American Freedom is becoming increasingly clear, and increasingly salient. Join us in defending Freedom in Nevada.