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(includes all offices except the President of the United States)

Primary Election is Tuesday June 11, 2024; Early Voting is Saturday May 25 thru Friday June 7, 2024.

This election is for each political party to separately choose a single candidate to run office for office and represent their party in the General Election.  Should a party have zero candidates running, then zero candidates for that office will show up on their ballot.  Should a party have one candidate running, then no candidates will show up on their ballot as there is only one candidate running for that party and that candidate automatically advances to the General Election Ballot to represent that party.

A Guide To Candidate Selection


  1. Identify the major issues that are of concern to you.
  2. Know which elected positions are responsible for the issues you have identified.
    1. Are your concerns applicable to the position for which a candidate is running? Example: If you are concerned about student test scores, evaluating the candidate for County Assessor would be inappropriate.
  3. Have you heard the candidate speak? Have you asked the candidate questions?
  4. Does the candidate believe they are a conservative and can they TELL YOU what a conservative stands for? Do they claim to be a moderate; in what areas do they believe they are moderate?
  5. Does the candidate have a website and have you visited it? Does the candidate’s platform on the website address your concerns?
  6. Is the candidate actively campaigning, have you seen their signs, brochures, etc.?
  7. Does the candidate’s philosophy align with the duties of the elected position they are seeking? Does the candidate make hollow promises?
  8. Does the candidate have a background in the position for which they are seeking election?

Voting Record and History

  1. Does the candidate have a background in politics, (professional politician)?
  2. How long has the candidate been a registered voter of the party?
  3. If the candidate is an incumbent, have you reviewed their voting record?
  4. Where does the candidate’s financial backing come from? Have you viewed their Contributions and Expenses Report? (See Steps to Doing This Here) https://www.nvsos.gov/SOSCandidateServices/AnonymousAccess/CEFDSearchUU/Search.aspx#individual_search  and type in the name.
  5. Does the candidate live in the district for which they are seeking election?
  6. How long has the candidate been affiliated with the party you support? (Create a 311 request for the candidate’s party affiliation and voter history https://www.washoecounty.gov/311/index.php) How long has the candidate been registered to vote in your county?
  7. Has the candidate run for an office before? How many different offices? How many times? Use this https://www.nvsos.gov/SOSCandidateServices/AnonymousAccess/CEFDSearchUU/Search.aspx#individual_search  and https://ballotpedia.org/Main_Page  (type the candidate name at the top).
  8. How many side jobs does the candidate already currently work? Does the candidate have multiple side businesses or jobs, and do they have the time to dedicate to the position? Is the elected position a full time job?
  9. How many boards and committees does the candidate currently sit on presently or in the past?
General ELECTION 2024

General Election is Tuesday November 5, 2024; Early Voting is Saturday October 19 thru Friday November 1, 2024.

This election has zero to one candidates from every political party on the ballot.  All registered voters may vote for any single candidate in each race.


WARNING ****NEVER turn over the original materials over to Washoe County Registrar of Voter Office or the Secretary of State’s Office or the Attorney General’s Office. Do NOT surrender the material to the post office or your local election office! You must keep the originals safe in your possession until a court of law contacts you for them. The court will not hear the case without the original documents. Nothing will be done unless you can provide the court with the original documents.

Guide to which Washoe County Registrar of Voters form to use; (and for each violation, ALWAYS send an Election Integrity Violation form to the Nevada Secretary of State.)

1. You received duplicate ballots for yourself and or others in your household?
USE THIS FORM: Washoe County Registrar of Voters Registration and Election Report/Complaint

2. A ballot was received for someone not living in your household.
USE THIS FORM: Washoe County Registrar of Voters Residency Discrepancy Report

3. ALWAYS fill in this Election Integrity Violation form (click here) for the Secretary of the State of Nevada and when you email it and all of the pictures you scanned, please “cc” electionintegrity@washoegop.org


1. Take photos of the front and back of all of the materials; ballots sample ballots, everything. KEEP the originals.
2. Fill in the appropriate form, print the forms, one for Washoe County Registrar of Voters and one for the Nevada Secretary of State.
3. Sign and scan the form and send a copy of form WITH the pictures as instructed at the bottom of the form to the Washoe County Registrar of Voters Office and the Nevada Secretary of State. Please “cc” your email to electionintegrity@washoegop.org

Questions? Call (775) 827-1900

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