By Jamie Hadden

October 1, 2021

Over the past few months, I’ve followed and written about the Greater Idaho [] project, in which rural Oregon counties are working to join the state of Idaho. Conservative Nevadans, it’s time to put on your thinking caps.

Consider the Greater Nevada project.

Large swaths of Northern California have been neglected by Sacramento, are at ideological and political odds with the bulk of the California electorate, and have for decades been seeking freedom and governance more aligned with their rural values and way of life.

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They should become Nevadans, and their counties should become Nevada.

Greater Nevada is going to be an amazing state. We will be the 4th West Coast state, offering fantastic longboard surfing and a deep-water port in Crescent City, NV, with direct trade access for Nevada businesses to the entire Pacific Rim. We will transition from a water-starved desert state into a state rich with fresh water, massive verdant forests, and extensive agricultural and recreational resources. We will eventually displace California to become the 4th largest state in the Union, after Alaska, Texas, and Montana.

Nevada will grow by 500,000 residents. Almost all conservative, freedom-loving, Newsom-loathing Americans. Nevada’s statewide elections – for governor and US Senate – will be secured for the Republican party, altering the political trajectory of our state and the entire nation.

Modoc, Lassen, Plumas and Sierra counties border Washoe County to the west. These counties are giant, thinly populated, and 70-80% Republican. With the enticement of zero state income tax, favorable gun rights, well-managed forests, and the potential for political representation more aligned with rural values, residents of these counties may be quick to choose allegiance to the Silver State. The Susanville/395 corridor is already far more economically and socially integrated with Reno than with Sacramento. It’s a natural fit.

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Siskiyou and Shasta Counties would be next, offering significantly larger populations, the I-5 corridor, and some of the most beautiful and under-appreciated landscapes in the American West. Joining a growing conservative megastate will serve them well. Toll booths for out-of-state traffic on I-5, and revenue from water resource sales, would fund an aggressive forestry management program aimed at ending the wildfires that have devastated this region due to California’s mismanagement.

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Finally, Del Norte county, a small county in the far Northwest corner of California, would complete the creation of Greater Nevada. Crescent City, CA, an underappreciated town built on the corrections industry, could choose to become Crescent City, NV, the fastest-growing city in the American West, a hub for commerce and travel, and a destination for freedom-lovers from across the state and the nation. Additional counties in northern and eastern California may wish to make the switch as well, eventually making Nevada larger than California.

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Such transitions can be brought about via a bi-lateral process defined by Nevada and California – the federal government need not be involved. The process begins with the Nevada legislature extending a formal letter of welcome to the Modoc County Board of Supervisors. Following a unanimous vote by the county board indicating a desire to join Nevada, negotiations for the transfer will begin. Amicable cooperation by Sacramento will ensure favorable rates for fresh water delivery contracts from Greater Nevada to the farms of Lesser California, as well as favorable rates at Nevada’s I-5 toll booths for out-of-state traffic. The process, once proven with Modoc County, will be repeated for subsequent counties.

It’s time to think big. It’s time to prepare for the future. It’s time to move fast, and beat Idaho to the Pacific Ocean. It’s time to make Nevada greater than we ever imagined possible.