By Chuck Cohn

Guest Writer

Hi guys!  You all know how conservative I am, and you know that when I occasionally make a mistake, I try to own up to it.

I’ve made one recently, and it was only today while visiting with Phil B, that I put the pieces together.  This one is a biggie, and at least one of you is likely to be offended by it, so I’ll apologize in advance.

Here goes:  The Dems have not been lying, and, gulp, there was no election fraud.  If you’re still there, I’ll give it to you a little more carefully.

The Dems have not been lying any more than usual, about this anyway:  there was no more election fraud than usual.  And, this is why dozens of judges refused to hear election fraud cases, and why Attorney General Barr told President Trump straightforwardly that there was no evidence of significant fraud.

I am so stupid.  This afternoon Phil explained to me very patiently the difference between breaking the law (fraud, for example), and gaming the system.  You see, he explained, the Democrats have been working for at least the last two years (more like, forever!) to get the election rules changed to favor the way they work elections.  Whether you agree that the rules should have been changed, or not, or that they were changed legally, or not, you, like me, already know that the rules, the laws governing election procedures in the states, were changed.

The Democrats know who their constituent voters are and that their numbers have been shrinking.  So, very pragmatically, they’ve decided to go find new voters.  They’ve been legally combing purple and otherwise blue neighborhoods for the names of people who do not, or often never have, voted.  They have gone to their homes, they have gotten them registered, they have taken ballots to them, they have offered to help them fill them out, they’ve offered to take the filled-out ballots in for collection and counting.  This is called ballot harvesting.  And, it’s legal where it’s practiced.

They have furnished counties monies for the purpose that they hire additional election workers, and with which they can create extra ballot drop-off boxes in neighborhoods that tend to vote Democrat.  These things are legal, under laws currently in force.  These behaviors, then, are not illegal and are not a fraud.

What lost the election was Democrats very successfully gaming the system, not defrauding it.  We might call this corrupting the system, because, the whole point over several years, was to lay down election laws and to place sympathetic officials that made it easier for them to effectively work the system to their advantage.  Follow this a bit further.  The muddier the legal processes, the easier it is to bend the rules, and the harder it is to say the rules were broken.  Where the rules said, “you cannot do X,” they mainly did not do it.  But, mostly, the rules didn’t say, “you cannot do X.”  Read the rules, they are muddy and open to interpretation by local officials and judges.  When there was a ruling saying that “X must no longer be done,” for the most part, the Democrats stopped doing X.  But, wherever X was not challenged or was even deemed permissible, X continued to be done.

This, my friends, is the difference between fraud, and gaming the system.  If Republicans are outraged, the outrage, then, should be at themselves for having been played so well.

Now, does this speak to voting machine manipulation or massive dumps of ballots?  No.  But the facts remain, whatever evidence there may have been of these, was never successfully brought to light before, it, too, was clouded, or even destroyed.  There is nothing with which to prove fraud.  There is much to prove that the Democrats played the system to create rules that made legal practices they wanted to use.

I can see more clearly now, what happened, how, and why.  It’s obvious that Democrats are endlessly creative at inventing ways to game the system, and rule-bound Republicans, once again, are left scratching their heads.

The only way to get election integrity restored will be by retaking public offices, from judgeships, right up through the legislatures and statewide offices.  And, the only way this will happen is by hard work, often door to door, much in some really nasty places, and in the hearts of local Republican Party workers who see the need to reevaluate and to re-engage.

As the Dems never fail to remind us, politics is dirty, nasty, and local, and this is even true of Republican politics, although we sometimes forget it and most often detest it.  But, every political organization still needs folks to stuff envelopes, wash dishes, refill the coffee pots, and run errands.