Written by Michael Kadenacy, Chairman -Washoe County Republican Party

When I lived in France, the best economist that I met was my barber.  He had a small shop with a couple of employees that was similar to many small businesses here in the United States.  He summed up the fundamental flaw in Progressive economics like this.  “In France, one-third of the population was on benefit; one-third of the population was on the public payroll, which left the last third to pay for the other two thirds.”  He understood that this flawed system could not exist for long without leading to financial ruin.

To apply that logic to personal growth we know when you and your family hit financial difficulties, common sense and good personal fiscal management dictates that you tighten your belt and reduce your spending.  Not so for our State Government led by our progressive Governor, who, while leading the state into financial ruin with onerous COVID-19 restrictions, ensured State Civil Service members’ salaries were protected by deeming them “essential.” State workers did not suffer the same unemployment concerns as their fellow “non-essential” Nevadans.  Ironically, it is the “non-essential” workers who are responsible for making sure these “essential” employees are paid.

When we look at the economic condition of our state today, we see the progressives in Nevada have increased spending by all local and state governments, and now must find new ways to extract tax revenue from the already strapped citizens. Unfortunately, real financial planning is not a strong suit of progressives. So, when they increased the costs of state and local government substantially by allowing unionization of state workers and adopting the “prevailing wage” standard for public contracting, they did so without having a clear idea as to how they were going to pay for those extra cost.

Their first broadside to increase taxes was to go after the mining industry, which employs 12,000 people in Nevada, most of which come from rural communities.  The Nevada State Constitution protects this crucial part of Nevada’s economic life and tax status. The progressives in our legislature just passed a 300% tax increase on our mining industry and in the process have changed our State Constitution without the approval of its citizens. And, it isn’t just taxes for the present. They want the mines to pay estimated taxes for future years.  With these unreasonable and burdensome taxes mines will close as they are deemed no longer commercially viable. Jobs will be lost.

This is a prime example of piecemeal tax policy with no real planning used by progressives.  Their mindset is, we are spending more than we are taking in, who can we tax?  It should be noted that any tax, even for businesses, eventually is borne by you and me.  Companies might cut the check for the taxes, but those taxes are passed along to every one of us – through an increase in their prices.

Progressives will never be satisfied with the revenue stream and will, in the future, look for more ways to increase your tax burden, and government will continue to grow while your paycheck and personal freedoms shrink.  You can look forward to a state income tax, an increase in sales taxes, and increased fees and rates of existing taxes.

This is your future in Nevada if progressives are allowed to keep control of our State Legislature.  For limited government and low tax Republicans, the way forward is not only definite but urgent.  We must change the makeup of our state legislature by replacing those progressives in those bodies.

The Washoe County Republican Party has as its primary goal to do just that.