January 25, 2020. Two and a half years ago we began the task of reinventing our county party.  While the job is certainly not complete, together we have transformed our party from a carp that spent almost all of its time and energy to attack, not democrats, but each other.  Our meetings were long, the noise level high, we threw chairs, but we decided nothing and did nothing to get Republican elected.  We were against lots of things and people but never for anything.  We were considered a joke, probably with some justification.

Last cycle that changed.  We fielded paid interns from UNR, upgraded our tech capabilities to support phone banks, sent out a slate mailer designed inhouse to 70,000 Republican households in Washoe County and sponsored Get Out the Vote Radio Spots.

And we did all of that thanks to many of you who volunteered to do the many tasks necessary to run the various programs of your county party.

Those programs would also never been possible had we not increased our fundraising sights significantly.  Thanks to many of you in this room tonight believed that the County Party could be effective in getting Republicans elected and thanks to you we raised $288,000 in the last cycle.

The Washoe County Republican Party executed multiple programs to get local Republicans elected and we raised the necessary funds ourselves.

We are now in another election cycle and have planned accordingly.

Building on what we learned in our first cycle, we will strengthen our paid intern program.  We have already hired our first 6 interns and have broadened our recruiting pool.  Reaching out to our youth, we have hired from the College Republicans and Turning Point USA at UNR and from our young veterans’ community in Reno.

We plan to do 2 slate card mailings, one to Republican households and one to minor party and non-aligned households.

We will again sponsor GOTV radio spots but intend to increase the number of those spots.

And to get more people involved in the political process, we will continue organizing and facilitating neighborhood meetings especially in our targeted areas.  In this cycle there have already been 27 such meetings.

Phone banks will also be part of our GOTV efforts.

We intend to focus our efforts on specific races. We have identified SD15, ADs 27,30, and 31 as races where Republicans can be successful.  In addition, there are other local races where their districts are wholly or partly with those SD and ADs.

To do this the Washoe County Republican Party needs to raise $269,000.  The good news is that in the last calendar year the party raised $50k above our budgeted goal.

A budget summary is on the screens now so that you can see exactly where we raise our funds and exactly what each of our programs are anticipated to cost.

We are well on our way to raise the needed funds with this most successful Lincoln Day Dinner event and I want to thank the event chair, Linda Musselman and her committee for their effort and commitment to making this event so successful.

However, we ask that you consider making a significant contribution to the Washoe County Republican Party tonight so that we can accomplish or perhaps even expand our programs for this election cycle.

We think that the Washoe County Republican Party’s programs delivers a lot of Bang for the Buck.  We ask for your continued support.

Thank you.