Nevada’s Medicaid Program gives assistance to half a million low-income adults and children in the state, according to the Guinn Center. This week they released a policy brief that shows which demographics benefit the most from a Medicaid expansion.

The data shows that starting in 2013 Nevadans receiving Medicaid doubled from 299,548 enrolees to 654,943 enrollees in 2018. This is a 118 percent increase.

Surprisingly, the largest beneficiaries of the expansion to Medicaid are childless adults. The group most often excluded from Medicaid. about half of Medicaid enrollees is a non-elderly adult – making it the largest share of Medicaid recipients.

The list of counties with the largest amount of Medicaid recipients is the following:

Mineral County at 25.3 percent

Nye County at 23.7 percent

Carson City at 21.6 percent

Lyon County at 20.3 percent

Churchill County at 18.1 percent

Storey County at 18 percent

and Clark County at 17.3 percent

Male and female recipients have increased at similar rates, though women are overrepresented in the Medicaid population relative to their population in Nevada.

White beneficiaries of the plan have about doubled from 107,224 in 2013 to 238,324 in 2018. This is a 122 percent increase. Other has increased by 157 percent with a growth of 42,261 in the same time period. African Americans had the second-highest percentage increase at 147 percent with an increase of 81,284, and Latino enrollment went from 107,208 in 2013 to 216,606 in 2018 an increase of 109,398.

If Medicaid is further expanded, we should expect to see a similar increase across the state of uncovered younger adults using the expansion to their advantage.