Our Mission

We the people of the Nevada Republican Party, affirm that this Nation and this State were founded upon the principle that all people are created equal; that the powers of government as outlined in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are derived from the people for the purpose of protecting the people’s God given right to be free and to choose their own pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness; without regard to race, gender, religion, country of origin, or sexual orientation.

We invite those who agree with the principles and platforms stated herein to join with our efforts so that this nation will continue to be “The last best hope of earth;” and, so that this nation will return to the principle that we are a “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

Our Goals

Our Goals

Washoe County has issues that can only be resolved by the people, We the People. This short list of goals should form the basis or our actions leading up to the 2018 election:


  • Reno City Council – we must strive to elect leaders who are funded by us and who support the wishes of the constituents and not those of land developers, unions and corporations. The Reno City Council has a voting record 99.3% of the time being unanimous on the issues placed before them. This is not representative of the varied interests of the constituents of the 5 wards who placed them in office. Nearly all the current occupants of the City Council are backed by civil servant labor unions. Why?


  • The Washoe County Commission must be comprised of commissioners who properly consider, fight for, and vote for issues that benefit their constituents and not the unions, developers and large interests who pull their strings.


  • The School Board is a most important entity in our society today, more so than ever before. Most of the candidates for School Board have the local control of our schools in their hands. Today, with 62,000 children in Washoe schools, there are 9843 administrators. Those 9843 civil servants include nearly 22% of whom are making $80K+ with pay and benefits. That includes nearly 700 administrators who receive $100K or more with pay and benefits. So top-heavy with administrators is the Washoe County School District that it is in a constant state of deficit and basic supplies needed in the classroom are not able to be provided. Don’t we need better representation on the School Board?

These statistics can be found at www.transparentnevada.com.


Most of these positions, while non-partisan, are filled with left-thinking individuals who only want to throw more money at a problem, rather than getting at the root of the problem and seeking a fiscally conservative way to solve it. We need Republicans in office who look at issues differently. We need to MAKE WASHOE COUNTY RED AGAIN!

Washoe County Republican Party

Office Hours: 10AM – 4PM Mon. – Fri.

  • 3652 South Virginia, Suite C8
  • Reno, Nevada 89502
  • 775-827-1900
  • Secretary@WashoeGOP.org
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