Last week, the Democrat party decided to end plans to hold their primary voting in 2020 by tele-caucus. This would mean voters could pick their presidential nominee by phone.

Party leaders released a memo that the dial-in voting plan was not “secure and reliable” to prevent meddling in the nominating election.

“We concur with the advice of the DNC’s security experts that there is no tele-caucus system available that meets our standard of security and liability,” DNC Chair Tom Perez said in a statement.

The DNC memo also attacked President Trump by somehow associating the lack of security in their system with the President allegedly ignoring threats to the U.S. voting infrastructure.

Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy echoed the sentiment in a statement and blamed “Republican inaction” on voting security measures.

The Nevada GOP responded: “Republicans are not to blame for Chairman McCurdy’s lazy idea to nominate a Presidential candidate over a conference call,” Nevada Republican Party spokesman Keith Schipper said. “McCurdy should spend more time figuring out how to put on his caucus in a few months, and less time pointing fingers.”

State Democrats have six months to rework their caucus blueprint. they will now have a four-day in-person early causing period that will be expanded to include more absentee voters.

Democrats are saying that this will include more rural Democrat voters.

It is considerably lame to blame Republicans for the Democrats own failure to roll out a secure teleconferencing plan. It’s time to take it to them in 2020!