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What Happens At A Precinct Meeting

My Fellow Republicans,

What happens at a Precinct Meeting? I would like to take a few minutes and describe for you what happens when you show up at your precinct location. First, you must present a picture ID to the check-in person who will then verify you are a registered Republican residing in Washoe County. Any person that changed their registration within 30 days of the precinct meeting will not be allowed to participate. This will prevent, hopefully, those people that want to cause interference from being able to do so. Unlike with the all mail-in ballot presidential primary the state is wasting five million dollars on which allows for same day registration, we do not allow that.

Let us assume that you are the first person to arrive at your precinct location for your precinct. After checking in, you will be given the precinct packet for your precinct. You will be directed to the location where the meeting for your precinct will be held. This might be a classroom, a cafeteria, or gym. There are instructions on the outside of the packet that MUST be followed to have a successful precinct meeting. Once the other precinct members arrive, the first thing that happens is, as a precinct, you elect a chair for this meeting of your precinct. The chair is responsible for ensuring that all of the requirements are met and that all documents are completed according to the instruction included in the packet. The completion of the documents is a shared responsibility with the secretary for your precinct, which is also elected immediately after electing a chair. Both the Chair and Secretary are only in those positions for this meeting.

There are delegates and alternate delegates for the County Convention that will be elected at this precinct meeting as well. You will elect one delegate for every 50 registered Republicans in your precinct. The number of delegates your precinct is allowed to have is clearly marked on the outside of the packet for your precinct. You may have only as many alternates as you have allotted delegates. Alternates will be allowed to attend the County Convention in the event one of the primary delegates is unable to attend. You will also nominate people to become members of the Washoe County Republican Central Committee (WCRCC).

The number of delegates for your precinct is also the number of Central Committee members you may nominate. For example, if your precinct has 1000 registered Republicans, your precinct may elect 20 delegates, 20 alternate delegates, and nominate 20 Central Committee members to the WCRCC. Keep in mind that the County Convention is where we will be adopting resolutions, our platform, and voting on other matters. There is a nominal fee associated with attendance at the County Convention. Last year the fee was fifty dollars and I do not anticipate any increase, (that has not been decided at this time).

As the precinct is the lowest political divide in the country, being nominated to the Central Committee is an elected position as well. As a Central Committee member, you represent 50 Republicans in your precinct. Please do not take that responsibility lightly. The Central Committee is not a social club. While it is pleasant to socialize with liked minded people, and we do that, the WCRCC is an ACTION organization responsible for the oversight of all things Republican in Washoe County. Stay tuned for “What Happens At A Caucus” coming soon.


Bruce Parks

Washoe County Republican Party

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