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My fellow Republicans, I believe it is important to share some information with you about precinct meetings, what is a caucus, why it is important to participate and other information as we head into another election cycle. First, what is a precinct? A precinct is a designated district within a larger area such as a town, city, or county. A precinct is usually the lowest political subdivision within a county. In Washoe County, the Registrar of Voters is responsible for determining our precincts. You can think of a precinct as a neighborhood or a collection of several neighborhoods. There are times when a precinct may change due to population growth, reapportionment, city annexation, or other valid reasons. It is not uncommon for a person to find themselves in a different precinct after one of these changes. As with all political boundaries, precincts are subject to change. It is very important that you, the voter, know what precinct you reside in. Your precinct number will determine what polling location you report to for the purpose of voting during the caucus and for becoming a delegate to the County Convention as well as other issues. More on that later under “What is a Precinct Meeting?” coming soon. In the past, before the all mail-in ballot garbage was put in place, we all voted at the precinct level. We reported to the polling location designated for our precinct, given a paper ballot and pencil, and were directed to a voting booth. After completing our ballot, we put it in a locked box which was opened once the polling locations were closed, and we knew which candidates had won by the next morning at the latest. There are many (usually leftists) that say this process is rife with fraud and extremely inefficient. That is the reason we now have voting season which lasts for weeks, voting machines that can (and are) tampered with, and it takes days before we know which candidates won.

We can and must organize at the precinct level in order to turn Washoe County (and the rest of the country) solid RED. We will never solve the many problems we face with a top-down approach. After all, the people at the top are the ones that have created many of these problems. Our Founding Fathers recognized that the people are the true holders of power and not the politicians. We must start exercising that power and it starts with you in your neighborhood. When we effectively organize at the precinct level, we can directly influence the outcome of every election. I ask you all to get involved and you will be amazed at what we collectively can accomplish. Please do not be that person that sits and complains but never does anything then has to explain to their grandchildren how we lost this country. I wonder if they will make excuses why they did nothing?   


Bruce Parks

Washoe County Republican Party

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