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Our mission is to “Keep Washoe County Red.”

We are the people of the Nevada Republican Party, who affirm that this Nation, State, and County were founded upon the principle that all people are created equal with equal opportunity and quality of life; that the powers of government as outlined in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are derived from the people for the purpose of protecting the people’s God-given right to be free and to choose their own pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.


Identify, promote and elect freedom-first candidates for all Washoe County elected offices.

Restore and defend election integrity in Washoe County.

Coordinate citizen action against ongoing impositions on our basic freedoms and liberties.

Grow and expand the Washoe County Republican Party.

Elect freedom-first, constitutional conservative representatives to the Nevada State Republican Party Central Committee.


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  • We support limited government, lower taxes, less-burdensome regulation, and individual responsibility.
  • We support the Constitution of the United States of America and the principles of limited and balanced government upon which it was created. We believe in the rule of law, enforced without bias, while respecting religious freedom, and expect our elected leaders to do the same.
  • We support the USA as a symbol of freedom, opportunity and prosperity to the world.
  • We seek to protect Second Amendment rights, which are under assault. We support the people when they exercise their right to self-defense, family safety, and community protection. We oppose any abridgment of due process rights with regard to firearms.
  • We support, honor and protect those who serve or have served in the Armed Forces and their families.
  • We support a balanced budget for Washoe County and all its local governments. We support all debt reduction efforts by its elected leaders of these governments. We oppose unfunded mandates at all levels of government.
  • We support an increased level of governmental transparency that improves access to processes and records to prevent fraud and abuse.
  • We support and welcome legal immigrants from all nations, cultures, and races who support the principles of freedom found in the Declaration of Independence. We support enforcement of federal immigration laws by all governments and law enforcement agencies. We oppose any so-called sanctuary cities or counties in Nevada.
  • We affirm the sanctity of human life and the inherent right of each human being to live with dignity from conception to natural death.
  • We support competition in the private sector which will provide the highest quality healthcare for the lowest cost.
  • We support parents having the ability to send their children to the school of their choice.
  • We support the integrity of our elections by requiring that all voters are registered citizens who provide a valid government issued photo identification. 
  • We support greater coordination of planning and development among city and county governments for better management of growth. 
  • We support free and honest economic markets which are the best tool to lift people out of poverty.
  • We support development of compassionate solutions to housing, economic, mental health and medical solutions for the homeless.
Washoe County Republican
Central Committee Bylaws
Revision Dated July 22, 2021

The name of this organization is the Washoe County Republican Central Committee, hereafter referred to as the “WCRCC”.


Section 1. The guiding philosophy of the WCRCC is the promotion of sound, honest, conservative government that upholds the Constitution of the United States of America and the State of Nevada. We stand for lower taxes, smaller government, personal responsibility, and strong national defense.

Section 2. The specific objectives of the WCRCC are:

A. To provide leadership and manage the affairs of the Republican Party in Washoe County;

B. To elect Republican candidates at all levels of government, including in non-partisan races, by:

1) Building and maintaining an active party organization;
2) Recruiting and supporting strong, qualified candidates;
3) Raising adequate funds to accomplish the objectives of the WCRCC;
4) Maintaining solid precinct organization to assist in voter registration drives;
5) Encouraging Republican Party members to vote.

C. To inform Republican Party members and the general electorate on Republican philosophy, issues,  candidates and officeholders through political education and activities;

D. To keep the public informed concerning affairs of the Republican Party;

E. To promote and encourage participation by all Republicans in party activities;

F. To foster loyalty to the Republican Party and promotion of the party’s ideals;

G. To actively recruit new Republicans.


Section 1. Precinct Membership

Precinct entitled membership shall be established by reference to the Washoe County registrar’s registered voters’ list of the first Monday of January of each election year. It shall not be changed until the membership for the next County Convention year’s precinct meeting is determined.

Section 2. WCRCC voting members:

A. Shall be nominated at the precinct meetings and elected at the County Convention.

1) Each voting precinct may have as many WCRCC members as that precinct is authorized delegates to the County Convention;
2) Each voting precinct is entitled to at least one WCRCC member.
3) After the election at the County Convention, shall serve for a period of two years and until their successors have been elected;

B. The following shall also be full voting members of the WCRCC
with the right to vote.

1) The elected and appointed officers of the WCRCC;
2) The immediate past WCRCC Chairman, if not removed from office by the WCRCC;
3) The current president of official clubs recognized by the WCRCC
4) Members of the Republican National Committee residing in Washoe County;
5) Elected officers of the State Central Committee who reside in Washoe County;
6) Members of the Nevada State Legislature representing Washoe County;
7) Nevada State Constitutional Officers residing in Washoe County;
8) Current President of the Nevada Federation of Republican Women provided she resides in Washoe County.

Section 3. Responsibilities of members of the WCRCC:

A. Must be a registered Republican voter in Washoe County, Nevada;

B. Must keep the Secretary advised of his/her correct address (both physical and mailing), email address and telephone numbers;

C. Must be responsible for being familiar with these Bylaws;

D. Must support Republican candidates;

E. May actively and/or openly support any candidate who most closely aligns with our core values for any partisan or non-partisan office, provided there is no candidate registered as a Republican seeking the same partisan or non-partisan office;

F. Shall sign the attendance record at each meeting.

Section 4. Resignation, removal, and replacement of members:

A. Members may resign from the WCRCC by notifying the Chairman of the WCRCC in writing or by email.  Resignations are effective as of the date specified in the letter of resignation. If no date is specified, the resignation becomes effective the date it is received by the Chairman of the WCRCC.

B. The Executive Committee may consider the removal of a member of the WCRCC after written or email notification to the member for the following reasons:

1) The member’s failure to appear in person at three consecutive regular WCRCC meetings without notifying the WCRCC Secretary of his/her absence by email or telephone;
2) The member’s failure to support and adhere to the general purposes and specific objectives of the Central Committee as provided in Article II;
3) The member’s violation of Article III, Section 3.E;
4) Residence outside of Washoe County;
5) Other good cause as found by the Executive Committee.

C. The Executive Committee may present its recommendation at the next regular meeting of the WCRCC, at which time the WCRCC must take appropriate action in accordance with Nevada Revised Statutes (N.R.S.), Chapter 293.

D. Vacancies in WCRCC membership may be filled between County Conventions by;

1) Approving the election of a qualified Republican elector physically residing in the precinct for which the vacancy exists;
2) A person must satisfy the requirements of Article III, Section 1 of these Bylaws in order to be elected to fill a vacancy in the WCRCC;
3) Any person elected pursuant to this paragraph serves until the next County Convention and his/her successor has been elected;
4) Applicants for membership must be present at the meeting when nominated or present at the meeting when elected, generally the next meeting after their nomination.  In the event applicants for membership will be absent for either the meeting when elected, the applicants must have notified the Secretary of the WCRCC of their absence by telephone or email.

5) A member newly elected to fill a WCRC vacancy may vote on general business matters at the meeting where elected, but is precluded from voting on any officer elections or Executive Committee member elections at that meeting, if such occur.


Section 1. Election, the term of office, resignation, and replacement:

A. The elected officers of the WCRCC are the Chairman, First Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. They must reside in Washoe County, be registered Republicans, and be members in good standing of the WCRCC for a period of at least six (6) months preceding their respective nominations.

B. Officers must be elected by the members of the WCRCC at the regular meeting in April of odd-numbered years and shall take office on May 1 of the year in which they are elected;

C. Officers serve for a period of two years. They are eligible for reelection to their positions.

D. None of the officers of the WCRCC shall receive payment for their services.

E. Vacancies in any elected office must be filled by special election of the WCRCC at the next regular or special meeting of the WCRCC, and the newly elected officer(s) will take office immediately. Notice of election shall be included in the call to the meeting. Any member elected to a WCRCC office pursuant to this paragraph serves the remainder of the term of the officer the member replaces.

F. Term of service of the appointed Vice Chairmen, Standing Committee Chairmen and Directors, and all paid personnel shall expire when a new Chairman takes office.

G. Any elected officer of the WCRCC may be removed from office at any time for whatever cause the WCRCC may deem sufficient. A properly noticed meeting for this purpose shall be called, and a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members present of the WCRCC eligible to vote shall be taken.

H. Officers of the WCRCC have general charge of the affairs of the Republican Party in Washoe County and have the powers usually exercised by these officers, subject to the election laws of the State of Nevada and the Nevada Republican Central Committee Bylaws.

Section 2. Duties of the elected officers

A. The Chairman shall:

1) Serve as chief executive officer of the WCRCC;
2) Preside at all meetings of the WCRCC and the Executive Committee;
3) Have the discretion to appoint, with approval of the Executive Committee, the Chairmen and Directors of Standing Committees and any Special Committees as needed;
4) Have the discretion to appoint, with approval of the Executive Committee, a Parliamentarian;
5) Implement policies established in conjunction with the Executive Committee for management of the WCRCC;
6) Appoint at least one, but not more than two Vice-Chairmen. It is preferable that one of the appointed Vice Chairmen be registered to vote in the Incline Village/Crystal Bay area of Washoe County unless the Party Chairman or elected First Vice Chairman is registered to vote in the Incline Village/Crystal Bay area;
7) Represent the WCRCC on the State Central Committee, at other functions, and in any other capacity as may be required by virtue of the Chair’s position;
8) Call the County Convention to order for the purpose of electing a temporary chairman of the Convention.

B. The First Vice-Chairman shall:

1) In the absence of the Chairman, the First Vice-Chairman shall assume the duties of the Chairman;
2) In the event that the office of Chairman is vacated, the First Vice-Chairman shall serve as acting Chairman until a new Chairman is elected in accordance with these Bylaws, at the next meeting of the WCRCC;
3) Represent the WCRCC on the State Central Committee, at other functions, and in any other capacity as may be required by virtue of the Vice Chair’s position.

C. The Secretary shall:

1) Notify all members of the WCRCC, via postal mail, email or telephone, of meeting times and locations, unless the responsibility is assigned by the Chair to someone else;
2) Take attendance at each WCRCC meeting for the purposes of determining that a quorum is present to conduct business;
3) Keep meeting attendance records;
4) Keep and distribute to all members accurate minutes of WCRCC and Executive Committee meetings;
5) Keep a current record of names, addresses (physical and mailing), telephone numbers and emails of WCRCC members including precinct;
6) Be custodian of all records of the WCRCC and its Standing or Special Committees;
7) Prepare regular correspondence for the WCRCC as needed;
8) Perform all other duties assigned by the Chairman.

D. The Treasurer shall:

1) Receive and have custody of all monies and financial records of the WCRCC and keep an accurate record of all monies received and disbursed as authorized by the WCRCC or Executive Committee;
2) Maintain an account for the WCRCC in a bank approved by the Executive Committee;
3) Serve as a member of the Budget and Fundraising Committees;
4) Expend funds budgeted or approved by the Executive Committee;
5) Report at each WCRCC meeting and make a full and complete report at the County Convention;
6) Make an accounting of the funds on deposit, revenues and expenditures of the CRCC available to the Executive Committee at all times;
7) Submit all books of account, vouchers, and receipts for audit, biennially, immediately prior to the expiration of each term of office;
8) Be informed of and comply with all federal, state and local statutes and regulations regarding the collection, management, disbursement and reporting of political
party funds;
9) Pay for budgeted expenditures consistent with the Budget and Expenditure Approval Policy. In the absence of the Treasurer, other elected officers of the WCRCC may approve and pay for budgeted items consistent with the policies and procedures approved by the Executive Committee.

E. The duties of the appointed Vice Chairmen include all those assigned by the Chairman. This may include oversight of assigned Standing and Special Committees.

1) In the absence of the Chairman and the First Vice-Chairman, the Second Vice-Chairman shall assume duties of the Chairman. In the absence of the First and Second Vice-Chairmen, the Third Vice-Chairman shall assume the duties of the Chairman.
2) In the event that the office of the Chairman is vacated, and if the First Vice-Chairman is unable or unwilling to assume the duties of Chairman, the following order of officers shall succeed to the Chairmanship: Second Vice Chairman, Third Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.


Section 1. The Executive Committee shall have general supervision of the WCRCC

between its regular meetings and Convention. They shall meet on the second Thursday of each month unless changed by the Executive Committee or the Chairman;

A. Its voting membership shall include:

1) The four (4) elected officers of the WCRCC;
2) The immediate past Chairman of the WCRCC, if not removed from office by the WCRCC;
3) Ten (10) members-at-large elected by the WCRCC, as provided in Article V Section 2 A;
4) The current President of the Nevada Federation of Republican Women provided she resides in Washoe County;
5) No proxies shall be allowed.

B. Thirty-three percent of the voting members listed above shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business;

C. Special meetings of the Executive Committee may be called by:

1) The Chairman, upon at least 48-hour notice to each member;
2) Fifty-one percent (51%) of the members of the Executive Committee by giving notice to the Chairman in writing or by email, who shall call the meeting to be held within 14 days of the date of said notice.

D. The approval of the Executive Committee is required for the appointment and/or removal of Standing Committee and Special Committee Chairmen and Directors, and the County Parliamentarian; The Chair, at his discretion, may appoint one registered Republican voter under the age of 30, at the time of their appointment, to serve as a non-voting member of the Executive Committee.

E. The respective officer of the WCRCC is responsible for drafting policies relevant to his or her responsibilities. Once drafted, the policies will be discussed and, if accepted, approved by the Executive Committee of the WCRCC. 10

F. The Executive Committee shall report its activities and recommendations to the WCRCC at its meeting;

G. Unexcused absences from three (3) consecutive meetings or six (6) in any calendar year, by any member, will cause removal from the WCRCC Executive Committee.  Executive Committee members are excused by notification to the Chairman or Secretary;

H. Residence outside of Washoe County shall cause automatic removal from the WCRCC Executive Committee.

Section 2. At-Large Members Elected to the Executive Committee

A. Election, the term of office:

1) For five (5) of the ten (10) At-Large positions, candidates shall be self-nominated or nominated by a member of the WCRCC. From the pool of such nominees, the WCRCC shall vote and select five (5) who broadly represent the membership of the WCRCC.
2) Five (5) of the ten (10) At-Large positions shall be nominated by the recognized Republican clubs in Washoe County, as defined at Article V Section 2 B.  Each recognized club may nominate one person.  Nominees shall be members of the WCRCC. From the pool of such nominees, the WCRCC shall vote and elect five (5).
3) The At-Large Members are elected by the members of the WCRCC for a term of two (2) years at the regular meeting in April of even-numbered years and shall take office on May 1 of the year in which they are elected.

B. Recognized Republican clubs in Washoe County must:

1) Be open to all registered Republicans without discrimination
2) Be operated under their own Bylaws;
3) Operate in Washoe County;
4) Maintain a minimum of ten registered Republicans as members;
5) If new, be approved by the WCRCC Executive Committee with a two-thirds (2/3) vote and ratified by the WCRCC at the next scheduled general meeting;
6) Be re-affirmed by the Executive Committee as meeting these requirements in January of the year of a Washoe County Republican Convention; and if found deficient, will have one (1) month to remedy the deficiency or will lose club status.

Section 3. Vacancies on the Executive Committee A vacancy in the Executive

The committee must be filled by the WCRCC in accordance with Article IV, Section1.E.


Section 1. Regular meetings

A. Shall be held four (4) times per calendar year unless otherwise ordered by the WCRCC or Executive Committee.

1) The Chairman, with the concurrence of the Executive Committee, shall establish the meeting dates for two years, within 30 days of assuming office;
2) The Secretary will notify all WCRCC members of meeting dates, times, and locations at least 14 days prior to the meeting.

B. Each voting member of the WCRCC has one (1) vote.

C. All WCRCC meetings shall be open to the public. Nonmembers may be granted the courtesy of speaking at the discretion of the Chair.

D. Twenty (20) percent of the membership of the WCRCC shall constitute a quorum to transact business. No business shall be transacted in the name of the WCRCC unless a physical quorum is present. The use of proxies is prohibited.

E. Minutes shall be open to the inspection of each member and will be available at the WCRCC

Headquarters. It is mandatory that all actions, fiscal and policy, be reported to the WCRCC.

Section 2. Special meetings may be held as follows:

A. By a motion passed at a regular meeting;

B. On a call of twenty (20) percent of the WCRCC membership by notice to each member at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting;

C. On call of the Chairman by notice to each member at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting.

D. No special meeting may be called within thirty (30) days of a regular meeting, unless called by the Chairman

E. Notwithstanding anything stated in these Bylaws, no person shall be nominated or elected to membership of the Central Committee at any Special Meeting.

Section 3. Precinct meetings:

A. Precinct meetings for all registered Republican voters in Washoe County are the responsibility of the WCRCC. These precinct meetings must be called and conducted in accordance with NRS Chapter 293.

B. All registered Republican voters residing within that precinct are entitled to attend and participate in precinct meetings; 12

C. The purposes of the precinct meetings are to nominate members to the WCRCC, elect delegates to the County Convention, and make recommendations for the County platform;

D. Persons nominated by their respective precinct meetings to serve as members of the WCRCC for the ensuing two years shall be certified and elected at the Washoe County Convention;

E. Each County Convention is empowered to fill such positions on the WCRCC any nominations left unfilled by the precinct meetings, in accordance with these Bylaws.


Section 1. Delegates to the Convention

A. Any and all delegates to the Convention must be duly elected at the precinct meetings directly preceding the Convention, and appointed prior to the commencement of the Convention in accordance with N.R.S. Chapter 293;

B. Any registered Republican residing in Washoe County is entitled to attend this convention. However, only delegates elected at their precinct meeting are eligible to vote;

C. Each precinct:

1) Is entitled to one delegate for each 50 registered Republican voters or major fraction thereof residing in that precinct as of the first Monday of January of each election year; the number of registered voters is as provided by the County Registrar of Voters;
2) Is entitled to have at least one WCRCC member.

Section 2. Officers of the Convention

The Chairman, with the approval of the Executive Committee, may appoint temporary officers to the Convention. No temporary officers may be appointed unless elected as a delegate at the precinct meeting directly preceding the convention, in accordance with N.R.S. Chapter 293, with the exception of the Chairman of the Convention.

Section 3. The purpose of the County Convention is to:

A. Elect delegates to the Nevada Republican State Convention;

B. Adopt a County platform;

C. Elect the County Central Committee;

D. Take such other action pertaining to the affairs of the County as may be deemed proper and which remain consistent with its Bylaws and Title 24 of the Nevada Revised Statutes.

Section 4. Committees

A. On or before the 90th day preceding the County Convention, the Chairman, with the approval of the Executive Committee, shall appoint Convention Committees whose term shall expire simultaneously with the adjournment of the County Convention. The Chairman shall name Chairmen to the following committees:

3) Credentials;
4) Standing Rules;
5) Program;
6) Convention Arrangements;
7) Platform;
8) Resolutions;
9) Nominations;
10) Elections.

B. The Chairman and the Executive Committee may reserve the right at the initial time of appointment to name each specific member of a committee. In the absence of such selection, each Committee Chairman shall be free to select members of the committee.

Section 5. Date of Convention

A. The County Convention for all registered Republican voters in Washoe County is the responsibility of the WCRCC to call at a time and date set by Nevada Republican State Central Committee, to be held each year in which a general election is held;

B. The notice for the County Convention must be given in compliance with N.R.S., Chapter 293.


Section 1. Standing Committees and responsibilities

A. All Committee Chairmen and Directors appointed by the WCRCC Chair shall be members of the WCRCC. Any Committee business should be brought before the appropriate Committee prior to being brought to the Executive Committee. Standing Committee Chairs and Directors may form sub-committees at their discretion.

B. Budget – The Budget Director:

1) Prepares – a proposed annual budget for the following fiscal year for approval in January of each year;
2) Prepares records to support an annual review and a biennial audit and establishes policies and procedures for the collection and accounting of monies at events.
3) The Treasurer shall be a member of this Committee.

C. Fundraising – The Fundraising Director:

1) Oversees all fundraising activities of the WCRCC including the Century Club and Lincoln Day Dinner events.
2) The Treasurer shall be a member of this Committee;

D. Field Operations – The Director of Field Operations:

1) Will provide the WCRCC with a structure through which to reach individuals within Washoe County and to conduct training of Precinct Captains;
2) Will direct voter registration, campaign volunteers and get out the vote activities;
3) Will work to ensure that every voter in the Precinct Captain’s precinct gets to the polls on Election Day;
4) Is responsible for monitoring and making arrangements for voter registration at events throughout Washoe County.

E. Communications – The Director of Communications:

1) Coordinates all publicity activities not limited to advertising, press releases, and media contacts;
2) Is responsible for all external and internal communications of the WCRCC and the Executive Committee of the WCRCC;
3) Is responsible for all non-fundraising events of the WCRCC (except for the caucuses and conventions, which are addressed in the NRS and these Bylaws, Article VII);
4) Serves as liaison with various minority groups throughout Washoe County.

F. Political Affairs – The Director of Political Affairs:

1) Liaises with the Nevada Republican Party in reviewing all BDRs and Bills introduced in the Nevada State Legislature and forward information to the WCRCC Executive Committee on any bills that may positively or adversely affect Nevada Republicans;
2) Reports to the WCRCC the status of legislation in the US Senate and/or House and Nevada Legislature that will strongly affect Nevada Republicans;
3) Serve as a member of the Fundraising and the Candidate Recruitment Standing Committees;
4) Assists the Chairman as an additional contact person with elected officials, candidates, and other political and policy organization;
5) Is responsible for the recruitment and development of candidates for County and Statewide political offices.

G. Bylaws – The Chair of Bylaws:

1) Reviews and proposes recommended changes and amendments as needed to remain in compliance with the NRCC Bylaws, the Nevada Revised Statutes and the Republican National Committee

H. Information Technology (IT) – The Chair of Information Technology:

1) Maintains the office computers, computer programs, and provides tech support.

Section 2. The Chairman may appoint Special Committees as needed, to serve no longer than the time required to accomplish the task(s) for which they were appointed.


Section 1. Nevada Republican Central Committee (NRCC) Representatives

A. The WCRCC shall elect representatives to the Nevada Republican Central Committee at the April meeting in even-numbered years. All nominees shall be members of the WCRCC;

B. The Chairman and First Vice-Chairman shall be representatives;

C. The number of representatives to the NRCC shall be determined on the basis of one additional representative for every 2000 Republican voters, or major fraction thereof, in Washoe County as of the first Monday in January each year in which a State Convention is held, plus an additional two members;

D. These representatives shall serve two-year terms.

E. All proxies from Washoe County Republican Party members of the NRCC shall be turned into the Washoe County Republican Party Secretary no later than 5 days before the date of the NRCC meeting whether they are assigned or unassigned to a particular person. No Proxy from the Washoe County delegation shall be effective unless and until the Secretary of the Washoe County Republican Party Central Committee has certified the Proxy. The Executive Committee shall adopt such rules as to comply with this paragraph.

Section 2. Vacancies

A vacancy in the County’s delegation to the NRCC shall be filled by a vote at the next WCRCC meeting.


Section 1. Parliamentary authority: Where not superseded by the Rules of the

Republican National Committee, the NRCC Bylaws or the Nevada Revised Statutes not in conflict with the foregoing, the latest revision which has been in publication for at least two years of Robert’s Rules of Order, shall govern all proceedings of the WCRCC except when those procedures are inconsistent with these Bylaws.

Section 2. Interpretation of the Bylaws:

Nothing contained in these Bylaws shall be interpreted in a manner contrary to the provisions of the election laws or statutes pertaining to political parties, which are codified in the Nevada Revised Statutes or the Republican Party of Nevada Bylaws.



A. These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of those present, at any meeting of the WCRCC at which a quorum is present, providing proper notice of 14 days has been given to all WCRCC members.

B. If time does not permit, an amendment shall be presented at one meeting of the WCRCC and voted on at the next meeting.


These Bylaws are adopted this 6th day of June 2020 at the Washoe County Republican Central Committee.

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