Issue                                                                          Vote Recommendation

Board of Regents                                                        NO

The ballot would remove the Board of Regents system from the state constitution, giving the Legislature more control over colleges and universities. The amendment would allow lawmakers to make changes without having to go through a five-year process of amending the constitution.

We do not want to give more power to the legislature, nor do we want to allow our constitution to be changed for the convenience of the legislature.

SAME-SEX MARRIAGE                                                NO

Though same-sex marriage is legal nationwide, Question 2 on the ballot would enshrine the right in Nevada’s constitution and remove existing language recognizing marriages only between a man and a woman. The amendment would also establish that religious organizations and clergy members have the right to refuse to perform a marriage.

Same sex marriage is already legal in Nevada. It is not necessary to “enshrine” it. Clergy have the right to refuse to perform a marriage.

BOARD OF PARDON                                                   NO

A proposed constitutional amendment regarding the state Board of Pardons will be Question 3 on the ballot. The board made up of the governor, state Supreme Court justices and the attorney general, would be required to meet at least four times a year. The amendment would also remove the governor’s power to veto a decision by the majority of the board.

We do not want to give power to the legislature to oversee the Board of Pardons.

VOTERS’ RIGHTS                                                         NO

Question 4 on the ballot would enshrine an existing voters’ bill of rights under state law to the Nevada Constitution. It would guarantee voters can have their ballots recorded accurately and can cast votes without intimidation or coercion, among other rights.

This already exists per our state constitution. It is not necessary to “enshrine” it.

RENEWABLE ENERGY                                                 NO

A proposal that will be listed as question 6 would amend the state’s constitution to stipulate that electric utilities generate or acquire at least 50% of power from renewable resources to by 2030. The measure was passed by voters in 2018 but needs voter approval again this year. Sisolak last year signed the same standards into law, but the constitutional amendment would make it much harder to change the future.

This bill if passed would cause power rates to increase, and like California, would subject Nevadans to power shortages forcing rolling blackouts.