Rep. Mark Amodei (R-NV) is Nevada’s only Republican Congressman House member and again confirmed to Breitbart News on Saturday that the media claims that he supports an “impeachment inquiry” are not accurate.

In plain English, Congressman Amodei does not support an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. Below is Amodei’s full statement following the media reports Twitter.

“You’re sitting there going wow, look at this guy’s history,” Amodei said in an exclusive interview on Saturday. “I’m not a household name or anything like that, so you think I just lost my mind one day and ate some loco weed and called all the Nevada people in and said, ‘Here we go’? I guess the reason I’m not phenomenally agitated or whatever is is quite frankly I think that Humberto Sanchez’s article was fair and accurate. There’s confusion throughout the nation between what we did with the UC to send it to the appropriate committees, which the White House supports, and what Pelosi is doing. So it would certainly be news if that’s what I was saying I was in favor of. We got into some discussions about ‘what ifs’ and it’s like hey, let the committees do their work and see where it leads. Wherever it leads, it leads—let the chips fall where they may. But how you get from that discussion in context to ‘Oh my god he supports Pelosi’s thing’ is not true.”

Along with every other Congressman and Senator, Amodei does support a resolution that passed the House and Senate unanimously backing the “whistleblower complaint” and other info surrounding the Ukraine-Trump phone call to be transmitted to the appropriate committees. The bill is H. Res 576 and it passed the House 421-0.

“No,” Amodei again told Breitbart about the reports saying he supports impeachment.

Several national media companies claimed Amodei’s comments were part of an appearance of dissent in the GOP when it comes to the upcoming “impeachment inquiry” spearheaded by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats. The New York Times even published this graphic shortly after the media ran the story. This is now demonstrably false.

Please instruct anyone that says Amodei called for Trump’s impeachment that he does not support the impeachment of our President. He is our last Republican Congressman and we need to win in 2020.