By Chuck Cohn

Guest Writer

February 19, 2021

Let me tell you what the plan of the Washoe County Republican Party has been, how they’ve funded it, and how highly successfully they’ve executed the plan through the last two election cycles, and what the plan is for the next two election cycles.

The Washoe County Republican Party has had one goal:  to take back the majority in both houses of the State legislature.  Without ownership of both houses, the other guys continue to control the legislative agenda, right down to and including voting laws.  In order to move any Republican agenda, we must control the legislature.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t have favorite issues like 2A, or Life, or School Choice.  I’m just saying you can scream and yell, dance on the table, stand on your head, throw unconscionable amounts of money at your pet issue or your favorite candidate, but I am saying you’re simply wasting your time, effort, and money in Nevada if you don’t control the one body that makes the laws: the Nevada State Legislature.

Here’s what we’ve done:  In the 2017-18 cycle, the Washoe County Republican Party raised $288,000, and spent that very tightly.  The result was to increase Washoe County Republican turnout by 12 percentage points over the previous off-year cycle election.  (Out of 105,000 registered Republicans, this means that the proven result was to get 12,600 more votes out for our side!)

In the 2019-20 cycle, the plan was to move the Republican Party out of the Assembly super minority position.  Washoe County Republican Party raised $480,000 and spent it very carefully in Washoe, Carson, and Clark Counties.  The effort resulted in winning 5 of 6 targeted races.  The result is the Republican Party is no longer in a super minority in the Assembly!

Here’s what planned:  For the 2021-22 cycle, we’re going to move the State Senate from a Democrat majority to a Republican majority by adding two Republican seats in Clark County.  This will be done by raising $936,367 and applying the same proven methodology that’s worked for us in the last two election cycles across multiple Counties.

To take control of the Assembly we need up to 6 more seats and we believe picking these up will take the next two election cycles, 21-22, and 23-24.  This will complete our goal of moving the Assembly to a Republican majority and completing our control of the legislature and the legislative agenda.

So, what’s the point?  The point is, that in order to change anything, it will be necessary to re-take the State legislature.  That’s the goal.  That’s the primary goal.  That’s the only goal.  The point is, to achieve the goal, there must be a plan, and the point is we have a proven methodology for actually, successfully, executing the plan.

Are you prepared to support the accomplishment of this goal, to take back the state legislature over the next two election cycles, and to help us do it?