By Jamie Hadden

Dear Young Voters of Nevada,

Most of you vote Democrat. About 65% in 2020. Fair enough. You’ve found the Democrat offering to be more compelling than that of the Republicans, or any other party. Frankly, in the realm of marketing and information control, we can’t compete with the Democrat machine. But our product is better.

The product we offer is Freedom. We think it’s a great alternative to the centrally managed, socially divisive, perpetual-crisis system pushed by the left, and it’s why we vote Republican. We hope you’ll consider voting for Freedom as well.

We desire an America in which we are all bound together by our common love of Freedom. Being Free is our national identity, and it’s what we wish to defend.

We’d like to live in a society in which the coercive force of government is the last line of defense against mutual peril, rather than the go-to solution for every conceivable concern.

We’d like to live in a society where everybody is free to positively identify with their heritage, ethnicity, lifestyle, or religion – or be happy identifying as simply human – and not be forced into viewing themselves and their fellow citizens as members of some ready-made hierarchy of grievance and oppression.

Thomas Jefferson was 33 years old when he and four others drafted the Declaration of Independence in 1776, establishing the United States as a refuge from the demands of an overbearing, controlling, and distant government. Were he writing today, he would have been born in 1988 – squarely in the Millennial generation. Freedom once was, and can still be a youthful pursuit.

Freedom is here for you if you want it. It’s your birthright, but also your treasure to defend. We hope you’ll join us in voting for Freedom. We can’t wait to see what you do with it.