By Ron Knecht – 8October2019

If you’re confused and somewhat bewildered by the efforts of Democrats and mainstream media (MSM) to impeach President Donald Trump – well, it’s not your fault.  I hesitate to address the subject, but I’ll try to provide some perspective.

The Dems first mentioned impeaching Trump about two days after his election.  From then on, they had an ever-growing list of reasons they said merit impeachment – or none at all beyond their inability to accept that he won.  The real reason they want to impeach him is that they despise him and his supporters.  One anti-Trump Deep Stater calls us “smelly WalMart people.”

The Dems and MSM first assured us Trump’s 2016 election campaign won by collusion with Russia.  Allegedly the Russians spent some six-figure amount (well less than $1-million) for on-line ads that defeated Hillary Clinton.  Those Russkies must be pretty clever because many other parties spent many millions for on-line and other communications and failed to achieve such impact.

What actually happened was the Clinton campaign had hired a law firm with connections to the “intelligence community.”  That firm hired an unreliable British spy to work with his Russian contacts to dig up dirt on Trump and subvert his campaign.  He produced the “Steele Dossier,” some poor ammunition for the Clinton campaign that even he admitted wasn’t reliable.

Meantime, the Deep State conspirators atop the FBI and CIA and throughout the Obama administration were working at their president’s behest on illegal investigations and fraudulent court filings to cripple the Trump campaign.  When he was elected, these efforts continued, now seeking to undermine his administration and remove him by any means necessary.

The means included the Mueller investigation, which the Dems and MSM assured us continuously was about to provide conclusive evidence of the Trump campaign’s “collusion” with the Russians and other illegal acts.  They skated over the fact collusion is not a crime, let alone one of the “high crimes and misdemeanors” needed to impeach.

In Congressional hearings, Robert Mueller admitted he did not investigate the substantial collusion of the Clinton campaign with Russians that had been documented.  Evidence surfaced recently that at least one Deep Stater in the Trump administration secretly communicated with Mueller during the investigation.  Others were part of his Democrat investigation team.

But the Mueller team failed to find any criminal activity by Trump or his campaign.  They did range far afield and played hardball, including vicious pre-dawn SWAT-type raids and solitary confinement for persons who had not been convicted of any crime.  They did so to secure some tainted confessions unrelated to their basic mission and charge some Russians on other matters.

We were assured by Dems and the MSM the investigation would find clear basis for Trump’s impeachment.  When it failed to do so, they became desperate.

So, another Deep State intelligence officer came forward with a “whistle blower” complaint that in a phone call with the new Ukrainian leader Trump made a quid pro quo (this for that) deal that Ukraine would investigate Joe Biden’s son to help Trump’s campaign.  But this person had no first-hand knowledge about the call and was merely repeating lies his fellow Deep Staters fed him.

When the call transcript came out, there was no quid pro quo in the conversation and mention of Biden only by Ukraine’s leader.

Even if the discussion implicated a Ukrainian investigation of Biden, there was good basis for it.  Biden himself admitted in recorded public comments that he used a threat to withhold authorized aid to Ukraine to force firing of a prosecutor investigating a corrupt deal in which his son got great riches from a Ukraine gas company.

So, Trump had a constitutional duty – not just discretion – to seek Ukraine’s aid in this matter: His charge in our constitution to enforce our laws.

The Dems, MSM and the Deep Staters simply ignored this fundamental point and decided to use the matter as their major excuse to raise impeachment.  Under their interpretation, anyone could violate American law in cahoots with foreign actors and then become a candidate for president – and the actual president couldn’t seek the other country’s investigatory help.


For them, it’s verdict first and then trial.

More soon.

Ron Knecht has served Nevada as state controller, a higher education regent, college teacher, economist and legislator.  Contact him at [email protected]