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April 28, 2021



Valerie Michael

Washoe County Republican Party

(702) 308-8308

Washoe County Republican Party Chairman Michael Kadenacy

Weighs In On Biden Address To Congress

Reno, NV – Joe Biden’s speech, while filled with promises and positive statements, is based on big government and over-spending. We have watched governments around the world attempt to spend their way into prosperity through big government and endless spending. It has not worked for them and will not work in the US. We are already seeing job losses and increases in the cost of living.

Interesting was his statement that he spoke with Xi Jinping who said an autocratic government was better at reaching consensus than Democracies in the 21st century. Why did Biden not take this opportunity to defend a Democratic government?

Joe Biden also took credit for the growing economy which, in reality, resulted from less regulation and tax cuts causing the American economy to soar. Why change?

The bottom line is America is about free enterprise and the American Dream. Biden’s plan will destroy any chance for either. Capitalism will suffer. Inflation will continue to grow. Eventually, he will run out of taxpayer money.