We’ve had many inquiries regarding what the Washoe County Republican Party’s role is in getting local candidates elected this cycle. While it may not be obvious to many of you, we have been very busy working in the background in various ways assisting candidates as they request it. The job of the Washoe County Republican Party is not to run a candidate’s campaign but rather provide information and guidance. It is up to each candidate to manage their own campaign.

Here is some of what we are doing:

  1. Electioneering. We have a team that gathers data and does analytics for each district. This is an ongoing process. As the numbers in a district change so does the data and analytics. Walk books are compiled from this information and made available to every candidate. NO CANDIDATE HAS TO COMPILE THEIR OWN DISTRICT INFORMATION. This saves the candidate an enormous amount of time and money that can be spent elsewhere.
  2. Walkers. This election cycle the County Party has hired and raised money to pay trained interns to walk on behalf of candidates. To date we have 27 interns (17 in Washoe and 10 in Clark County).We developed a customized program and spent time training them in order to maximize our effectiveness when knocking on doors. Our program is one-of-a-kind and large donors were so impressed they asked that we conduct this program in Clark County. We said yes and the program is underway. Let me be clear. No money earmarked for Washoe County is being spent in Clark County. Those large donors have fully funded the walk program in Clark County. But why should we help Clark County? Because we MUST win Nevada back. Clark County is the largest county and the most difficult county to flip. If we don’t win Clark County, we will not win the state.This program has never been done before. But it was a risk that is paying off. We are reaching more people in Washoe and Clark than we have in the past with a high efficacy rate for information collected. This information is fed to our Electioneering team who then is able to update district information for candidates.
  3. Slate Mailers. We utilized one Slate Mailer in the last election cycle in Washoe County and had great success. So much so that we decided to do two Slate Mailers in Washoe this election cycle. We not only will be sending to Washoe County Republican households, but we will also be sending to Non-Partisan or Undecided households.We also created a Slate Mailer for Clark County. This is the first time they will have this tool to utilize. Again, this was funded by large donors whose interest lies with Clark County. We did not use any money earmarked for Washoe County. And as with the Walking Program this was necessary for us to provide this to ensure Republican households receive this critical information.
  4. The Get Out The Vote ads are crucial to assisting with getting people to the polls. This cycle we not only were able to secure a donation of radio airtime, but we were also able to budget for additional airtime. We estimate between the donation and our contribution we will be able to secure approximately 200 radio spots before the election. The radio spots will air all over the state. Why? Because we need every vote we can get if we are going to turn this state around and eliminate the threat of Democrat’s mismanagement and bad decisions.
  5. Social Media. If you don’t follow us on Facebook or Twitter, then please do so. We post lots of information regarding local government. In addition, we have all candidates listed on our website at washoegop.org. We’ve also started up our in-house studio and have been filming videos that will be posted on our YouTube channel shortly. While the topics vary, we intend to interview as many candidates as are available. Last week we interviewed Jeff Church.

Unfortunately, what we cannot do is store and distribute Candidate’s campaign information. We did not make this decision lightly but rather based it on resources like volunteers to assemble and distribute, storage, and after election cycle clean up. We garnered a sizeable expense in time and cost in removing candidate materials after the last election as most did not opt to retrieve their information.

However, if there is a club that is willing to store and assemble and clean up, we are happy to offer our annex at headquarters for assembly. While our volunteer resources are maxed out and we have no storage space we are happy to allow the clubs to utilize the space for assembly only. Just let us know when you would like to do that.

Should you have further questions or suggestions please contact us at [email protected] or you can reach me directly at [email protected].


Valerie Michael

Communications Director

Washoe County Republican Party