By Anamarie Fruge

Guest Writer

May 26, 2021

Being able to recently attend the Washoe County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner was a great breath of fresh air. Instead of focusing on the crazy world around us, we were able to come together and talk about healing, unity and respect for one another. We heard from speakers who have such a strong daily impact on Washoe County. These speakers included Michael Kadenacy, Mark Amodei, and the wonderful Captain Sam Brown.

Captain Sam Brown gave a wonderful speech in which he discussed his experience and recovery from his his injuries he received in Afganistan. During his deployment, he suffered multiple wounds from an IED explosion. When he had thought all hope was lost he heard another soldier say “Sir, I got you”. Those  words gave Captain Brown so much hope and relief. He was down and hurting, but because of the help from a fellow soldier he was able to get back up.

He also discussed the importance of the unity of the American people. During his speech, he asked those who had lost a family member or friend due to political beliefs to raise their hands. From where I was sitting I did not see anyone whose arms were not raised. In response to this, he told us “I got you”. During this past year especially Americans have gone through so much hurt, division and loss. The moment that he told the crowd that he was there for us, I’m sure I was not alone when I felt heard.

As a recent political science graduate from UNR, I have experienced great hatred for the Republican party. Whether it was a teacher or student, it was constantly discussed that being part of the Republican party was unacceptable. People who are part of the republican party are considered unwelcoming and un-accepting. This could not be further from the truth. During my entire experience at this dinner, I talked to people who were so excited to be there and were so happy to see a young Republican at the dinner. We discussed everything from political issues to our personal lives. These simple interactions meant so much to me. I was able to truly express myself and my beliefs and not be judged for them. If my past professors or classmates were to experience this dinner they would realize that the Republican party is filled with people who just want the best for all Americans.